Oxygen Facial Warsaw and Wroclaw – radiant and fresh skin already after the first treatment

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  7. What is the procedure of oxybrasion?
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  9. How often should I perform oxygenation?
  10. Can oxybrazia be combined with other treatments?
  11. Oxybrasion – recommendations
  12. Oxybrasion – contraindications
  13. Oxybrasion – what you should know
  14. Oxybrasion – a compendium of knowledge
Oxygen Facial Warsaw

Oxybrasion is also called oxygen peeling, oxygen facial Warsaw and Wroclaw or oxygen-water micro-dermabrasion. It is an effective and extremely hygienic method for exfoliating the epidermis. Much more delicate than alumina or diamond micro-dermabrasion, it can be recommended to those, who for some reason cannot benefit from deep mechanical peeling, and who at the same time expect a fresh and radiant complexion immediately after the first treatment. It is a perfect treatment before a great event or for special occasions, when your skin is to regain a beautiful look immediately. The fine, dispersed droplets of sterile saline are the exfoliating agent, applied to the skin in an air stream ejected under pressure from a special applicator. This pressure – depending on the dosing device – may amount to 6-10 bars. Regardless of its height, oxybrazia is always a minimally invasive procedure. This is because the saline molecules that get out of the applicator, hitting the skin surface, cause painless removal of dead epidermis cells and exposition of deeper layers of tissue without breaking the tissue integrity. Oxybrazia is a non-contact procedure – the cosmetician keeps a distance of approx. 1cm between the skin surface and the applicator nozzle.

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Price list – Oxygen Facial Warsaw

Oxybrasion treatmentPricePrice with Easy Waxing Card
Oxybrasion STANDARD
(with a cream mask)
Oxybrasion PLUS
(with algae mask)
Oxybrasion DE LUX
(the richest set of ingredients)

Price list – Oxygen Facial Wroclaw

Oxybrasion treatmentPricePrice with Easy Waxing Card
Oxybrasion STANDARD
(with a cream mask)
Oxybrasion PLUS
(with algae mask)
Oxybrasion DE LUX
(the richest set of ingredients)


You will find the list of our current promotions for oxygen facial Warsaw and oxygen facial Wroclaw in the Offers Warsaw and Offers Wroclaw tabs.


Easy Waxing Studio is equipped with modern autoclave of class B (the highest group for this type of devices). Read more in the “About us – Hygiene in our studio” tab.

What is the procedure of oxybrasion?

The treatment begins with a brief interview. Then, the cosmetologist cleanses the face from make-up and impurities. This way, a better effectiveness of the peeling effect is achieved, because the force of saline molecules ejected under pressure is used to remove dead skin cells, and not the layers of the cosmetics. The next step is to protect the eyes and ears of the client before getting wet. Then, the cosmetologist either proceeds with the oxybrasion treatment, or precedes it with a shallow enzyme peeling. The second option is used when the client wants to deepen the effect of refreshing, smoothing the skin and achieving its velvet delicacy.

During the procedure, the cosmetologist moves the head just above the skin that needs revitalization. A stream of saline droplets and air coming out of the nozzle exfoliates the old skin, and at the same time moisturises, oxygenates and accelerates the circulation. The more times the cosmetologist moves the applicator over a particular area of the skin, the deeper the level of exfoliation. Important: Regardless of the degree of exfoliation, oxybrazia is always a delicate procedure.

Oxygen Facial Warsaw and Wroclaw – the treatment effects

The treatment brings a number of benefits. Unlike other peels or laser treatments that only give effects after several applications, positive effects of oxybrazia are noticeable already after the first application.

Immediately after the treatment, the skin is:

  • silky smooth, radiant, fresh and has uniform colour;
  • well hydrated, oxygenated, bloody and nourished;
  • disinfected – due to the antiseptic properties of oxygen, inflammation and irritation disappear, and the anaerobic bacteria are eliminated (responsible for the formation of acne);
  • absorbs active ingredients, found in the cosmetics, which are applied after oxygenation

Long-term benefits result from cardiovascular stimulation, which provides better nutrition and cell oxygenation. This promotes vitalization and skin rejuvenation by stimulating the fibroblasts responsible for the production of collage and elastin – structural proteins, which are responsible for skin firmness and elasticity

How often should I perform oxygenation?

This treatment is especially recommended during spring and summer – because it gives you a feeling of a soothing cooling. The refreshing effect is always achieved after the first application, but oxybrazia is recommended to be performed in a series of several treatments applied at different frequencies with different skin problems:

  • 1x a week – seborrhoea, acne;
  • 2x a week – elimination of cellulite, stretch marks and wrinkles;
  • 2x a month – sensitive, tender, dry skin.

Can oxybrazia be combined with other treatments?

Yes. Oxygenation can be combined with other treatments. For example, with an enzyme peeling, which prepares the skin for active exfoliation of the dead epidermis through an oxygen and saline stream. Oxybrazia can also be a skin preparation procedure for treatments that work on the deeper layers of this tissue (e.g. masks, acid peels or micro-needle mesotherapy), increasing their effectiveness.

Oxybrasion – recommendations

The oxybrazia treatment is recommended:

  • for refreshing and disinfecting the skin and for eliminating or reducing discolorations – therefore, it is recommended for people with acne, scars (not only acne), with gray and tired skin;
  • for tender, sensitive skin, with seborrhoea and blackheads;
  • to reduce cellulite, stretch marks and wrinkles – because it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin by stimulating fibroblasts responsible for the production of these proteins.

Oxybrasion – contraindications

The treatment is not performed:

  • inflammation and active infections (microbiological systemic or dermal infections, herpes, psoriasis, cancer);
  • on the skin irritated by UV radiation or chemicals;
  • on fresh scars;
  • with overpressure;
  • in people with a pacemaker;
  • on the skin after: laser therapy (you should wait for at least 6 months from the laser therapy), acid treatment (protection period should last for about 2 months);
  • after treatment of acne with retinol (withdrawal period lasts 6 months);
  • with fever.
Oxybrasion – what you should know
  • The treatment is fully safe, always effective and painless.
  • 30 minutes – this is how long the facial treatment lasts, 60 minutes – the body treatment.
  • Oxybrasion should not be performed in case of an infection – it may result in spreading of microbes and the stretch of the infection.
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Compendium of knowledge about Oxybrasion

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