Piercing the ears and belly button with the Blomdahl method

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  8. Piercing the ears – a compendium of knowledge
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Blomdahl piercing, and more precisely: with the Blomdahl method is currently one of the most modern solutions for making holes for earrings in the ears, nose and belly button. Blomdahl pays particular attention to piercing the body in case of children: the special piercing system has been invented for them, in which both ears are pierced at the same time, as well as the series of earrings of the medical plastic completely devoid of the presence of nickel.

Ear piercing in Warsaw

The Blomdahl brand is also the manufacturer of hypoallergenic jewellery (Caring Jewellery) without nickel – metal, which is the cause of allergies in up to 30 percent of the female population. Children ear piercing Warsaw and Wroclaw is a medical procedure, that is the one which breaks the tissues, but at the same time ensures complete sanitary and microbiological safety. By eliminating nickel and alloys with its admixture (also those with precious metals, such as gold or silver), it was possible to develop a few series of earrings devoid of allergenic properties: of titanium and medical plastic. As a result people subjected to piercing will not experience tribulations resulting from allergies to nickel, which could develop after the first contact with this metal – e.g. after putting on earrings to recently made holes.

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Price list – children ear piercing Warsaw

Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing + Earrings169zł
Blomdahl Medical 1 ear piercing129zł

Price list – children ear piercing Wroclaw

Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing + Earrings159zł
Blomdahl Medical 1 ear piercing119zł

Treatments with the Blomdahl method

They are conducted very quickly and they are almost painless. They guarantee complete microbiological safety to people subjecting themselves to the piercing procedure. A special device is used for piercing, which no part – except the needle and the earring stick – has a direct contact with the patient’s skin.

  • Ears

In adults, piercing is performed sequentially on each ear. In children – at the same time at both ears to save their stress ad fear. Here you can choose between earrings of the medical class titanium, in which the part without direct contact with the skin does not adhere directly to the body, or the earring of medical plastic (particularly recommended to children and those adults, who want to have the 100 percent certainty that they will have no contact with nickel. The sticks of hypoallergenic earrings have a specially profiled shaped and a slightly greater thickness compared to traditional models, and they are provided with a stopper ensuring air circulation around the wound, what accelerates its healing.

  • Belly button

Here a unique system has been applied for the replacement of the decorative part without removing the second part of the earring. Replacement of the decorative element can be performed in 2 weeks after mounting the earrings. For the record: the healing process in the belly button can last up to six months.

Safety and effectiveness of the treatment

Sanitary safety of piercing using the Blomdahl method has been achieved by:

  • sterile conditions for producing equipment used for piercing;
  • no contact of the tip of the piercing device with the body of the person subjected to piercing. The sterile needle or also the sterile earring stud has contact with the ear lobe, belly button or nose;
  • the use of disposable cartridges with earrings equipped with safety covers, which at first protect against the loss of earring sterility, and then (already after the treatment) protect against the contact with blood and physiological secretions of the user. The cartridge after use is treated as the medical waste;
  • cartridges before the use are secured with a special tag, which has to be removed to conduct the procedure.

Recommendations after the treatment

Here is the list of the most important rules, which should not be forgotten, when subjected to the piercing procedures of the ears, nose or belly button:

  • wounds after piercing ears should be washed twice during the day, and washed with a soap under running water while bathing;
  • for the first 6 weeks after the treatment you should use Blomdahl After Care – disinfectant wipes;
  • you should not remove the earrings while washing, touch them with dirty hands nor twist them;
  • after 6 weeks the earrings are replaced with others – best if they are selected from the hypoallergenic offer of the Caring Jewellery series: of titanium or medical plastic. In case of the earrings mounted around the belly button approx. 2 weeks after the treatment the decorative ending can be replaced.

Compendium of knowledge about Piercing the ears

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