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Hair removal methods

Hair removal is a procedure of removing unwanted body hair from various areas of the body. It can be performed using wax, sugar paste, epilator, laser, cosmetics applied to the skin, and a razor. In Easy Waxing we focus on treatments using wax and sugar paste – we perform them with the highest quality preparations prepared according to the original recipes. This is the only such offer in Poland.

The following treatments are available in our salons:

  • Chamomile waxing – performer with a delicate wax with the addition of azulene (chamomile extract with antibacterial, soothing and calming effect). Recommended for delicate skins that react with irritation to the removal of unwanted hair with another type of wax.
  • Hard wax hair removal – this is a classic depilation treatment in which wax strips preheated to 45º Celsius are applied to the skin. After setting, the wax creates a flexible coating that can be easily removed along with the hairs.
  • Sugar paste hair removal – unwanted hair is removed using a mass made only of natural products: water, lemon juice and sugar. A cosmetic hit performed with a paste made according to our original recipe. This is the most delicate method of depilation, in which even very short hairs are removed. The paste can even be applied several times to the same part of the body.
  • Brazilian and Hollywood hair removal – both involve removing unwanted body hair from intimate areas. The first one only applies to the bikini area. The Hollywood depilation involves removing hairs also from the area between the buttocks.
  • Epil Free Depilation – it is a system for removing unwanted hair using natural extracts of medicinal herbs (greater celandine, which slows down cell division in hair roots, eucalyptus and rosemary with antiseptic effects, and soothing liquorice and rhubarb). It only has advantages: it is a painless and effective method. To be used in people for whom the use of IPL or laser is ineffective.
  • Lycon hair removal – it removes even 1 mm long hair without any problems; recommended for Brazilian hair removal. It not only enables the unveiling of a smooth body, but also cares for the skin thanks to the herbal extracts contained in the depilatory preparation.
  • Men’s hair removal is a treatment that is performed more and more often. It is designed for men of all ages. Removal of unnecessary body hair is carried out on the entire body or on the selected areas. We also depilate the intimate body areas.

The Laser hair depilation is also available in our salons – a treatment during which the unnecessary hair is removed permanently using precise laser light.

In our salons it is also possible to buy preparations for ingrown hair.

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