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Japanese Pedicure
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Japanese pedicure alike japanese manicure is a natural nail styling method. There are several steps in its application. Firstly, the beautician does classic pedicure with milling machine to remove rough, thick, and hard skin leaving it soft and smooth. Subsequently, the nails are filed and, instead of painting, nutritional paste and powder are rubbed into the nail plate. The paste fills nails with natural nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin E, bee pollen, keratin and silica coming from the Japanese sea.

Except the visible nail plate improvement, you will also notice their faster growth. Application along with rubbing the powder protect formerly put layers and give the nails pearly shimmer.

We recommend Japanese Pedicure to:

  • Those with weak, brittle, splitting nails as the nutritional ingredients help cure such conditions.
  • Nails affected by using hybrid nail varnishes, gels or artificial nails, thereby the Japanese pedicure serves the role of a nail recovery treatment. However, since the paste and powder have been applied to nails, painting them is hindered for over a month as the nail plate surface is slippery and the nail polish may not stick.
  • Everybody who values natural, shiny, and pearly nails, because the Japanese Pedicure is not only a health treatment, but also a nail styling.

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Price list – Japanese Pedicure Warsaw

TreatmentPricePrice with Easy Waxing Card
Japanese pedicure P. Shine179zł165zł

Price list – Japanese Pedicure Wroclaw

TreatmentPricePrice with Easy Waxing Card
Japanese pedicure P. Shine179zł165zł
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