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In the Easy Waxing salons we perform manicure treatments for women and men. We offer treatments only for hand and nail care or combined with painting nails. You can also remove the old varnish. The removal of old nail polish is free for people who decide to have another manicure. We use the best known nail polish brands in the world.

Here, you can perform:

  • Classic manicure – careful preparation of the nail plate, world-class varnishes in 300 colours to choose from, protective conditioner and a great fixer – there are the advantages of the most-known manicure system in the Easy Waxing version. Also available in the French version.
  • Hybrid manicure – it is one of the treatments that is chosen the most frequently. Nails are treated with an effective and durable coating – the nail polish stays on the nails for up to two weeks. The plates remain healthy and strong.
  • Vinylux manicure – it combines the features of classic and hybrid manicure. It is also available in the French version.
  • Japanese manicure – it guarantees gloss without the varnish and healthy appearance of the plates. This is due to the therapeutic paste based on natural ingredients rubbed into the nails and pearl shining polishing.
  • Therapeutic manicure – it greatly improves the appearance of nails by combining a manicure with an intense conditioner. It can be combined with painting nails.
  • SPA manicure – a delightful luxury for the hands including classic manicure and intense peeling, moisturizing and firming cosmetics.
  • Men’s manicure – available in the classic and SPA version. The results are a well-groomed, velvety hand skin, manicure skins and nails with a discrete, healthy gloss.

If you are interested in intensive care of the hands and nails, we have to extraordinary treatments for you:

  • Paraffin bath for hands – also performed in combination with an ampoule or care product. This is the best treatment for rapid and thorough improvement of the hands’ appearance.
  • IBX System – it’s a very effective nail strengthening treatment that is gaining on popularity. An innovative conditioner is applied on the nails, which – unlike other companies’ preparations – penetrates the plate, without just covering it. The entire nail is then covered with an invisible protective coating.
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