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  4. Price List – Male Waxing Warsaw
  5. Price List – Male Waxing Warsaw
  6. Letting boyzilian out of the bag
  7. No pain, no gain
  8. Once and for all?
  9. Preparation has never been so easy
  10. Adherence to the highest standards
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Male waxing Warsaw

Since the beginning of time hairy men have been considered the epitome of masculinity. However, for several decades such conviction has been gradually becoming a thing of the past. Of course, there is no accounting for taste. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that more and more men take pride in their appearance. Gym, healthy diet and … beauty treatments among others. Therefore, to meet their needs we have included in our offer services dedicated solely to men, such as male pubic hair removal. Male bikini depilation, boyzilian, manzilian – to those out of the loop such terms are puzzling to say the least. In reality, all of them refer to the same procedure, namely male pubic hair removal.

Behind every successful man is a woman?

It is rumoured that majority of men undergoing the procedure are doing so at the incentive of their better halves. The truth is that nowadays more and more men are doing so at their own, free will. Motivations differ to say the least. Here are some of them:

  • Depilation is related to a sense of comfort and self-confidence in every situation – at the swimming pool, gym even during most private and intimate moments
  • Efficiency – there is no need to spend long hours while trying to remove pubic hair using a razor
  • Efficacy – after the depilation we guarantee the effect of smooth skin lasting up to 2 weeks
  • Hygiene – hair removal makes it easier to keep our bodies clean. In short, while taken by surprise we may stupefy our significant other with most exquisite fragrance.
  • Health – men’s skin produces sebum abundantly which is an excellent food for microorganisms. After depilation it is easier to maintain hygiene, thus reducing the risk of inflammation and pimples.
  • Aesthetics – with hair removal not only the true beauty of man’s body is revealed but also it is easier to reconnect with one’s inner Adonis.

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Price list – Male Waxing Warsaw

Depilation - body partsWomenWomen with Easy Waxing CardMenMen with Easy Waxing Card
Eyebrows adjustment with wax29zł25zł35zł29zł
Adjusting eyebrows with tweezers29zł25zł35zł29zł
Whole hands65zł55zł75zł65zł
Half of the hands55zł45zł55zł45zł
Neck and neck29zł25zł39zł30zł
Neckline / Torso39zł32zł60zł50zł
Abdomen / White line19zł15zł45zł39zł
Abdomen and navel29zł25zł59zł49zł
Back half45zł39zł49zł39zł
Back and shoulders99zł85zł109zł85zł
Whole legs99zł85zł119zł95zł
Thighs 1/239zł35zł49zł35zł
Elbows 1/235zł29zł39zł35zł
Classic bikini49zł39zł79zł55zł
Full legs + classic bikini129zł109zł--
California bikini65zł55zł--
Full legs + Californian bikini139zł119zł--
French bikini75zł65zł--
Full legs + french bikini149zł129zł--
Brazilian bikini89zł75zł--
Full legs + Brazilian bikini159zł135zł--
Picasso bikini (1 pattern)+ 50 zł+ 40 zł+ 75 zł+ 60 zł
Picasso color bikini (1 color pattern)+ 100 zł+ 80 zł+ 125 zł+ 105 zł
The buttocks39zł35zł49zł45zł

Price list – Male Waxing Wroclaw

Depilation - body partsWomenWomen with Easy Waxing CardMenMen with Easy Waxing Card
Eyebrows adjustment with wax25zł22zł29zł25zł
Adjusting eyebrows with tweezers29zł25zł35zł29zł
Whole hands59zł49zł65zł55zł
Half of the hands49zł39zł55zł45zł
Neck and neck29zł25zł39zł29zł
Neckline / Torso39zł29zł59zł49zł
Abdomen and navel29zł25zł55zł45zł
Back half39zł35zł59zł49zł
Back and shoulders69zł59zł99zł89zł
Whole legs89zł75zł119zł99zł
Thighs 1/235zł29zł55zł45zł
Elbows 1/229zł25zł39zł35zł
Classic bikini39zł35zł65zł55zł
Full legs + classic bikini109zł99zł--
California bikini55zł45zł--
Full legs + Californian bikini109zł99zł--
French bikini65zł55zł--
Full legs + french bikini129zł109zł--
Brazilian bikini79zł69zł209zł195zł
Whole legs + brazilian bikini PROMOTION!129zł109zł--
Picasso bikini (1 pattern)+ 50zł+ 40zł--
The buttocks39zł29zł49zł39zł

Letting boyzilian out of the bag

As the name implies, the procedure offers a possibility of male pubic hair removal. Most effective and primarily used methods in our studio include depilation with soft wax or Lycon hard wax. In our offer we have two different types of male intimate depilation that differ in terms of their “scope” so to speak. Opting for standard bikini is synonymous to removing your groin hair, that is to say hair around underwear line. Brazilian bikini, on the other hand, is all about removing hair from man’s nether region in its entirety – such waxing treatment covers groin area, scrotum, perineum and anal region to be specific.

No pain, no gain

As is the case for each depilation related treatment you will experience some pain, especially given the intimate nature of the body part in question. Its intensity however is a subjective matter – it depends on one’s pain threshold. To somewhat lessen the discomfort, it is recommended to take a deep breath and … it will be over soon. Rest assured the results achieved are well worth the wait. If it is any consolation the first depilation is the most painful one. With every procedure hair grow back thinner and less dense, thus sensations during next procedures are less intense.

Once and for all?

Male pubic hair removal has to be repeated. Frequency of procedures is client-specific given its close relation to speed at which hair grow back. Therefore, it is vital to keep track of hair’s length, because only when they are 0,5 – 1,0 cm long we can achieve optimal results. Usually it is more than two weeks after previous appointment.

Preparation has never been so easy

Firstly, it is important to verify whether we suffer from contraindications such as fresh tan, recent injury, inflammation or epilation. The next step to attaining desired results is to make sure that hair length is within the range of 0,5 cm to 1 cm. So as to provide some comfort to both, the client and a beautician it is advised to take a shower just before the appointment or alternatively make use of onsite facilities to freshen up.

Adherence to the highest standards

Our goal is to provide our services with accordance to the highest standards. Should some hair remain, we offer a chance to set up a corrective appointment for up to 3 days after the procedure took place with no additional payment required. Raised concerns will be taken into consideration only when the costumer has followed recommended preparation regime.

We encourage to view the pictures of our studio on Google – Studio in Wroclaw / Studio in Warsaw. More information in our social media with hashtags #male waxing Warsaw and #male waxing Wroclaw.


You will find the list of our current promotions in the Offers Warsaw and Offers Wroclaw tabs.


Easy Waxing Studio is equipped with modern autoclave of class B (the highest group for this type of devices). Read more in the “About us – Hygiene in our studio” tab

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