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Pedicure has long stopped to be a treatment dedicated only to women. Men are increasingly becoming aware of the fact that the real man is well maintained from head to toe – literally. That’s why they are paying more attention to the appearance of feet. Self-care of those parts of the man’s body is sometimes cumbersome, it requires considerable skills and knowledge. For this reason, more and more men opt for the professional foot care in beauty salons.

Men's pedicure

This is the right decision, because thanks to that the men’s feet strongly gain in beauty and health:

  • they become soft, well moisturised and groomed;
  • ingrown nails are under control and are not longer troublesome;
  • the nail plate gets a nice shape and shine;
  • calluses and rough skin are eliminated;
  • there is less sweat – and thus the problem of the odour of socks or shoes disappears;
  • they become a very attractive element of the every man’s body.

Remember that groomed feet are a clear signal for the environment: I am modern and I care about myself.

Men’s pedicure in a nutshell

Men’s pedicure is a treatment similar to the one applied to the women’s feet. Due to the thicker skin and often greater tendency to the stronger keratosis of the epidermis and formation of calluses, during pedicure a lot of attention is paid to restoring the skin’s natural softness and delicacy. The standard treatment consists of:

  • softening the feet’s skin during a bath;
  • removing the thickened skin and cuticles by the nails;
  • modelling the shape of the nail plate and its polishing;
  • moisturizing and nourishing the feet’s skin combined with their massage.

Men’s pedicure in Easy Waxing salons

We know that beautiful and healthy feet provide men with comfort: you can show them with pride to the world, e.g., at the swimming pool or on the beach. Because of this, we offer them a possibility to perform the pedicure designed specifically for them. Cosmetic procedures are selected individually to the needs of every client – this is possible because in our salons we offer both the therapeutic pedicure, and different types of care treatments.

Thanks to pedicure treatments performed in the Easy Waxing salons, you will also be the part of living on the right foot!

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Price list – Men’s Pedicure Warsaw

TreatmentPricePrice with Easy Waxing Card
Men's classic pedicure145zł130zł
Men's therapeutic pedicure (with conditioner)159zł145zł

Price list – Men’s Pedicure Wroclaw

TreatmentPricePrice with Easy Waxing Card
Men's classic pedicure139zł125zł
Men's therapeutic pedicure (with conditioner)155zł139zł

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Compendium of knowledge about Men's Pedicure

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