Soft Waxing in Warsaw and Wroclaw

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  3. Price List – Waxing Warsaw
  4. Price List – Waxing Wroclaw
  5. Promotions
  6. How to prepare for soft waxing?
  7. Contraindications
Waxing legs

Soft Waxing is one of the best and most effective methods of hair removal. It removes the entire hair, including the root, making the growing hairs weaker and lighter. After the treatment, hair regrowth lasts from 2 up to 5 weeks depending on its structure. Regularly used soft waxing makes your hair much less visible. Waxing is suitable for all body parts: bikini, amrs, legs, underarms, lip, eyebrow.

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Price List – Waxing Warsaw

WomenWomen with Easy Waxing CardMenMen with Easy Waxing Card
Eyebrows (wax)29zł25zł35zł29zł
Eyebrows (tweezers)29zł25zł35zł29zł
Face (eyebrows, lip, chin, cheeks)99zł89zł--
Full arms69zł59zł79zł69zł
Half arms55zł45zł55zł45zł
Decolletage / Torso39zł32zł60zł50zł
Abdomen and navel45zł39zł59zł49zł
Back 1/249zł45zł59zł49zł
Back and shoulders99zł85zł109zł85zł
Full legs109zł95zł119zł95zł
Thighs 1/239zł35zł49zł35zł
Calves 1/239zł35zł45zł39zł
Bikini standard59zł49zł79zł55zł
Full legs + bikini standard149zł119zł--
Bikini californian79zł69zł--
Full legs + bikini californian155zł129zł--
Bikini french89zł79zł--
Full legs + bikini french159zł139zł--
Bikini brazilian99zł85zł--
Bikini brazilian169zł145zł--
Bikini Picasso (1 design)+ 50zł+ 40zł+ 75zł+ 60zł
Bikini Picasso color (1 color design)+ 100zł+ 80zł+ 125zł+ 105zł

Price List – Waxing Wroclaw

TreatmentWomenWomen with Easy Waxing CardManMen with Easy Waxing Card
Eyebrows adjustment with wax29zł25zł29zł25zł
Adjusting eyebrows with tweezers29zł25zł35zł29zł
Cheeks / Shoulders20zł16zł25zł20zł
Face (eyebrows, moustache, chin, cheeks)99zł89zł--
Whole hands59zł49zł69zł59zł
Half arms / forearms49zł39zł59zł49zł
Neck and neck29zł25zł39zł29zł
Neckline / Torso39zł29zł59zł49zł
White line / Abdomen10zł8zł35zł25zł
Abdomen and navel29zł25zł55zł45zł
Back 1/245zł39zł69zł59zł
Back and shoulders69zł59zł119zł99zł
Whole legs99zł85zł119zł99zł
Thighs 1/239zł35zł55zł45zł
Calves 1/235zł29zł39zł35zł
Classic bikini45zł39zł65zł55zł
Full legs + classic bikini119zł109zł--
California bikini65zł59zł--
Full legs + Californian bikini125zł115zł--
French bikini75zł65zł--
Full legs + french bikini135zł119zł--
Brazilian bikini89zł79zł209zł195zł
Whole legs + brazilian bikini PROMOTION!149zł129zł--
Picasso bikini (1 pattern)+ 50zł+ 40zł--
The buttocks39zł29zł49zł39zł


You will find the list of our current promotions in the Offers Warsaw and Offers Wroclaw tabs.

How to prepare for soft waxing?

  • Be sure the hair you want to have waxed reaches from 1/5 to 2/5 inches in length (0,5 to 1 cm) above the skin’s surface. If too short, your hairs will not get caught far enough up into the wax to be successfully pulled out while too long hairs may cause the treatment to be less comfortable. It is also advisable to exfoliate the skin with body scrub or body brush. It will remove the dead cells and make your skin smooth, so the wax will stick better to the hair and it will be easier to remove unwanted hairs. It will also help to prevent ingrown hair;
  • Do not exfoliate the skin and do not use a solarium on the day you plan to wax. Avoid tanning just before the waxing. It helps to reduce skin inflammation and irritation. Do not use any cream just before the treatment;
  • Since a body waxing is a very intimate treatment, please take care of personal hygiene.
  • avoid sunlight 24 hours after waxing;
  • not to tan 24 hours after waxing;
  • not to use sauna 24 hours after waxing;
  • not to use deodorant 24 hours after underarm waxing treatment;
  • not to use any body care products containing chemical ingredients 24 hours after the treatment;
  • apply sudocream or hydrogen peroxide on delicate parts of the body such as bikini or armpits.


  • irritated or injured skin;
  • skin with the tendency to unsealing the capillaries or veins;
  • directly after sunbathing or visiting a solarium;
  • during menstrual period.
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