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  1. Hybrid pedicure
  2. Classic pedicure
  3. Japanese pedicure
  4. Male pedicure

Feet deserve the same good treatment as hands. Pedicure available in the Easy Waxing salons combines care treatments with beautifying. We provide a diverse range of pedicures, thanks to which both the nails and the skin of the feet will gain health an attractive appearance. You can decide on:

  • Classic pedicure – this is the care of the skin of the feet and nails in the most well-known version. The treatment can be combined with painting with classic varnishes from the renowned global brands.
  • Hybrid pedicure – it guarantees the softness of the feet skin, good hydration, and protection and durability of colour of the nails up to 4 weeks. Based on Shellac or Gelish products.
  • Japanese pedicure – ideal as a healthy therapy for nails in need of special care and intensive nutrition, and when you require a natural look of the nail plates on your feet, and at the same time expect gloss without varnish.
  • Therapeutic pedicure – this is a classic care combined with intensive nutrition, the most appropriate version is selected based on the condition of nails. Ideal for soft and weak, hard, brittle and splitting plates.
  • SPA pedicure – the best you can offer your feet. An aromatic bath, peeling, moisturizing and nutrition combined with a relaxing massage – this is the offer of Easy Waxing.
  • Male pedicure – a method for soft and velvet feet and manicured and tastefully formed nail plates. The offer dedicated to men of all ages.

The above-mentioned pedicure treatments can be additionally supplemented with:

  • Paraffin bath for feet – the best way to quickly and effectively moisturize and nourish the feet. Recommended especially for feet with a rough skin.
  • Callus Peel pedicure – an extremely effective procedure for removing callous epidermis on the feet using a mixture of specially selected cosmetic acids. Perfect for people complaining about the thickened cuticles and cracked heels.
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