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Welcome to Easy Waxing Epilation Studio Webpage.

The beauty parlour offers high quality beauty treatments such as waxing, sugar paste depilation, manicure, and pedicure. Moreover, if you need massages, microdermabrasion, cavitation peeling, or spray tanning, do not hesitate to visit the salon as we provide a remarkable variety of treatments. Tint, eyelash extension and many, many more are to be found in only one place, Easy Waxing Epilation Studio.

About Easy Waxing

Since we use best quality professional products as well as pay scrupulous attention to hygiene and safety, the effectiveness of all the treatments administered in the Studio can be fully guaranteed.

The Highest Quality

The key to achieve desired results is the quality of the cosmetics. Unless best products for face and body are applied, excellent effects cannot be expected. Therefore, we use only renowned brands such as Gehwol, Janssen, Bandi, Clarena, Nail Tek, CND, Orly, Duri, Essie, and Perfect Silk Lashes.


Our team consists of professionals who provide with passion and considerable experience the highest quality services. Beauticians continuously gain qualifications by participation in numerous workshops, training courses or simply by keeping up to date with the newest trends in cosmetics. Hence, we can offer you a broad range of professional services and innovative treatments. We do our best to meet your most sophisticated individual requirements.

Safety and Hygiene

Great care of your health is one of our priorities in providing the beauty treatments. To receive the best services, we have equipped the salon with a modern Class-B autoclave (the highest group of this type of equipment), used to sterilize any cosmetic tools. Furthermore, all instruments are packed up in aseptic packages, which allow keeping them sterile for 6 months. To administer the treatment, the beauticians use the newest equipment which complies with the European Union hygiene regulations. A visit to our studio is a cast-iron guarantee of the highest safety standards.


Easy Waxing participates in the Polish Nationwide Certification Program “Credible Company” which honours and promotes reliable, bona fide and reputable corporations, which treat their clients and partners fairly, and deal with them responsibly. Not only have we implemented, but also employ the highest standards in running the company.

Easy Waxing stands for modernity and safety, the studio combines comfort, beauty and well being which you may take from the treatments.

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