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Lack of hygiene and safety standards while performing cosmetic treatments is a potential risk of many diseases. HIV, HPV, or Hepatitis C virus (HCV), not to mention any fungal infection, can stem from non-sterile tools or equipment. Being aware of such health hazards, we provide the treatment with the utmost care bearing in mind both your health and safety. Therefore, you may expect the highest hygienic and sanitary conditions.

Hygiene standards


Easy Waxing Salon is equipped with a modern Class-B autoclave (the highest group of this type of equipment), used to sterilize any cosmetic tools, either flat, convex or rubber. Such autoclaves are used in hospitals and other health centres. The sterilization procedure involves three crucial factors – the temperature, the negative and positive pressure, and water vapour. These effectively destroy any infective bacteria, viruses along with fungi.

Aseptic packages

All instruments are packed up in aseptic packages, which allow to keep them sterile for a year. Prior to the treatment, the tools are open in the presence of the client. Thus, you may rest assured of our studio complying with the hygiene regulations.

Additionally, only the latest equipment, meeting all the European Union norms, is used in providing the beauty treatments.

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