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Laser hair removal
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Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective, safe and comfortable ways to permanently eliminate unwanted hair. The treatment is designed to remove unwanted hair from any part of the skin. Laser hair removal can be applied to both large and small areas of the body. The undoubted advantage of the treatment is the ability to eliminate unwanted hair in a precisely marked area of the skin. This is especially important when removing hair from intimate areas, because thanks to the laser treatment it is possible to leave the hair band formed in accordance with the client’s wishes.

How does laser hair removal work in Easy Waxing salons?

During the laser hair removal treatment, the hair matrix is permanently damaged by the beam emitted by the head of the device. The beam with the parameters of the light wave closely matched to the skin phototype and the colour of the removed hair precisely goes to the hair follicles thanks to the melanin found there – the skin pigment. Melanin is a chromophore, or particle that absorbs a light wave. The energy absorbed by the laser beam, absorbed by melanin, induces selective thermolysis in the hair bulb, i.e. destruction of the hair matrix under the influence of point-high temperature and without disturbing the tissues around the eliminated hair. Such precise operation of the epilating laser is possible thanks to the system built into the device that recognize the degree of hair and skin pigmentation.

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Price list – laser hair removal Warsaw and Wroclaw

Price list of permanent laser hair removal Warsaw / Wroclaw in Easy Waxing Studio

Laser hair removal treatmentPricePrice with Easy Waxing Card
Forearms (both)229zł199zł
Hands (both)269zł249zł
Palms (both)129zł99zł
Lumbar region129zł99zł
Around the nipples129zł99zł
The buttocks229zł199zł
Legs (both legs - total)399zł379zł
Elbows with knees (both)229zł199zł
Thighs (both)229zł199zł
Feet (both)129zł99zł
Classic bikini149zł129zł
California bikini179zł159zł
French bikini199zł179zł
Brazilian bikini229zł199zł
Men's bikinis299zł279zł
Belly band - white line129zł99zł


PromotionPricePrice with Easy Waxing Card
Package of 4 mini treatments (4 treatments for 129 zł per selected body part)429zł399zł
Package of 4 mini treatments i (4 zabiegi za 229 zł na wybraną część ciała)799zł769zł
Set Bikini + Underarms for Ladies369zł349zł
Set Bikini + Underarms for Ladies499zł469zł
Set Bikini + Legs + Face for Women699zł669zł
Back + Neck + Shoulders set for Ladies and Gentlemen399zł369zł
Back + Neck + Shoulders + Chest + Abdomen set for Ladies and Gentlemen599zł569zł
Full Body for Ladies and Gentlemen1 199zł1 099zł

Limited special offers

Take a look at our attractive limited special offers. Cheap laser hair removal in Warsaw and Wrocław – it is possible :). Seasonal offers are not available during summer and pre-holiday periods. Check our current seasonal special offers in the online booking panel.

Special offersPricePrice with Easy Waxing Card
Brazilian Bikini Promotion149 zł-
Underarms Promotion99 zł-
Brazilian Bikni + Armpits Promotion229 zł-
Legs Promotion299 zł-

Safety and effectiveness of laser hair removal

Many different technologies are used for laser removal of unwanted hair. In Easy Waxing, we use a truly revolutionary diode laser manufactured in EU with all required EU medical certificates, which works in the SHR technology (Super Hair Removal) – a completely safe, comfortable and extremely effective solution. In SHR technology, the energy of the light wave is not fed to the hair bulb in the form of a single beam with very high energy, but as many beams with a unitary lower energy load, concentrated in one hair bulb. This solution guarantees complete safety for tissues adjacent to damaged hair bulbs.

Thanks to the COOL UP system built into the laser, which allows instant point cooling of the skin to minus 8ºC, the epilation treatment is completely comfortable – because it does not cause pain and is safe because it does not cause burns.

Laser hair removal in our Studio

Laser hair removal in Easy Waxing is nearly 90% effective after three to seven treatments. Why not 100%? Because this is due to the specificity of the hair growth process, divided into three main phases: anagen – hair growth phase, katagen – transient phase and telogen – the dying phase and spontaneous hair loss from the bulb. Laser hair removal works most effectively on the hair in the anagen phase, i.e. growth. Because physiologically at the same time individual hairs on the skin are in different stages of growth, in order to achieve 100% of smooth skin it is necessary to perform epilation repeatedly in order to destroy further hairs in the anagen phase.

Can laser hair removal be used with a tendency to ingrown hair?

Definitely yes. Laser hair removal is one of the best treatments for people for whom other hair removal methods are not recommended due to hairs growing into the skin after the treatments.

Preparation for laser hair removal

Important – shave the hair thoroughly from the area that will be subjected to laser hair removal Warsaw or Wroclaw exactly one day before the treatment. Not on the day of the treatment, not 2 days before – exactly one day before!:)

Because laser hair removal is a procedure that uses the energy of the light wave, it requires small preparations. In order to obtain accurate information or in case of any doubts, we encourage you to contact the Easy Waxing salon, where certified cosmeticians will answer all your questions.

6 months before the procedure:

  • oral retinoids should be discontinued;

4-6 weeks before the procedure, you should opt out of:

  • any forms of depilation – this is necessary to determine the skin phototype and the natural colour of the hair to be removed;
  • sunbathing (also in the solarium);
  • using self-tanners;

3 weeks before the procedure:

  • discontinue external retinoids;

2 weeks before the procedure:

  • stop taking medicines, supplements, photosensitizing herbs (St. John’s wort, calendula) and complex preparations containing them;

One day before the procedure:

  • shave the hair thoroughly from the area that will be subjected to laser hair removal;

After laser hair removal

Immediately after laser hair removal, the skin may be irritated and more sensitive. These symptoms disappear within 1-3 days after the procedure. During this time:

  • use only delicate care products; it is worth asking for them at Easy Waxing salons;
  • refrain from hot baths, saunas, jacuzzi;
  • refrain from skin care products containing alcohol;

For 2 weeks after the procedure:

  • avoid mechanical peels and the use of exfoliating agents;

For 3 weeks after the procedure, absolutely:

  • refrain from sunbathing (also in the solarium);
  • do not use self-tanners;

Contraindications for laser hair removal

  • tan – you absolutely can not sunbath before and after laser hair removal/li>
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • active systemic infections with a fever;
  • herpes, skin lesions, mycosis of the areas subjected to depilation;
  • vitiligo, psoriasis, ichthyosis;
  • taking medicines, herbs, photosensitive supplements;
  • cancer.
More information

More information can be found at #laser hair removal warsaw #laser hair removal wroclaw #laser epilation warsaw and #laser epilation wroclaw and in the article on Wikipedia – laser hair removal.

Compendium of knowledge about Laser hair removal

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