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  7. How does Lycon waxing work?
  8. After the depilation
  9. Contraindications
  10. Lycon hair removal – a compendium of knowledge
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Lycon waxing

Lycon waxing as a depilation method gains popularity with every other day. Lycon is a leading Australian manufacturer of waxes and other beauty products. By many, it is hailed as Crème de la Crème in the field. Despite its established position on the beauty market, the company continues to gain recognition due to factors such as constant development of their products and refusal to perform testing procedures on living animals among others.

What distinguishes Lycon waxing is that that it can remove stubborn hair as short as 1mm like no other. Additionally, thanks to a special application method Lycon wax does not stick to the skin or pull it, which reduces discomfort during treatment and prevents post-depilatory redness and irritation. During the treatment our senses are only further stimulated by not only interesting colour choice of the wax itself, but also due to its subtle fragrance.

Using Lycon hard wax is synonymous with exclusiveness, high quality, relax and most importantly velvety smooth skin.


Benefits of Lycon waxing

  • effective and precise method of hair removal
  • removes hair as short as 1 mm
  • considered to be less painful in comparison to other depilation methods
  • particularly recommended for sensitive body parts such as bikini, face or armpits
  • pleasant sensations – the richness of colours and scents, silky consistency of the product
  • nourishes the skin thanks to nourishing properties of azulene, aloe vera, chamomile, rose and lavender

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Price list – Lycon Waxing Warsaw

TreatmentWomenWomen with Easy Waxing CardMenMen with Easy Waxing Card
Bikini standard119zł89zł186zł166zł
Bikini californian129zł109zł--
Bikini french139zł119zł--
Bikini brazilian149zł129zł239zł219zł

Price list – Lycon Waxing Wroclaw

TreatmentWomenWomen with Easy Waxing CardMenMen with Easy Waxing Card
Classic bikini109zł99zł--
California bikini129zł119zł--
French bikini139zł129zł--
Brazilian bikini149zł139zł259zł239zł

Before the depilation

It is vital to make sure that your skin is properly prepared for the treatment. The most important is length of unwanted hair. It should range from 0.5 cm to 1cm on average. Lycon has an edge over other depilation methods because it also removes slightly shorter hair – even 1 mm long.

How does Lycon waxing work?

Regardless of the method itself, depilation ensures that unwanted hair are removed from chosen body parts. Nonetheless, sensations experienced during the treatment may differ depending on the method of choice. That’s why we would like to explain how the depilation with Lycon looks like and what is to be expected.

At the very beginning the skin should be properly prepared – it is cleansed and pre-waxing oil is put on the area undergoing the treatment. Subsequently, the cosmetologist applies a layer of heated wax, which remains on the skin until it hardens. Only then, Lycon is carefully removed with a few quick and firm pulls. That’s why Lycon hard waxing is often referred to as strip-free depilation method. Having removed the wax residue, soothing lotion or sudocrem is spread on the treated area so as to prevent post-depilatory irritation.

It should be emphasized that depilation with Lycon hard wax is carried out on relatively small and sensitive body parts like bikini, face, armpits, ears and nose

After the depilation

Depilation with Lycon is among the least painful hair removal methods. Nonetheless, temporary skin irritation following the hair removal procedure is a common occurrence. It may persist for a day or two. During this period of time it is recommended to:

  • avoid strenuous physical activity
  • refrain from swimming pools, saunas, hot baths, sun tanning or solarium
  • should the irritation persist apply sudocrem or other soothing balms with ingredients like pantenol, aloes, bepanthen
  • steer clear of body scrubs seeing as the may only worsen pre-existing skin irritation


  • broken epidermal continuity
  • inflamed or irritated skin
  • skin with the tendency to unsealing capillaries or veins
  • less than 24h after sun bathing or solarium

Compendium of knowledge about Lycon Waxing

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