Is ICOONE similar to Endermology?

Both treatments, ICOONE and Endermologie, share innovative and non-invasive approach to body contouring, fighting not only cellulite, stubborn fat, but also signs of aging skin and extra inches. Those two treatments are similar, although when we take a closer look there are significant differences in the design of the equipment used and preparation for chosen procedure.

At first glance it might seem that one of the differences is the usage of laser. It is found in ICOONE treatments, while it is not included as standard in Endermologie equipment. The salon in Warsaw uses Endermologie enriched with laser and RF among others, so that the results of both Endermologie and ICOONE are similar. ICOONE treatments can be used by people characterised with high sensitivity to light and those with dark skin.

In fact, the design of the massage rollers is the differentiating factor between the two treatments. In Endermology, the rollers have a smooth structure, while ICOONE the rollers have fine holes so that the massage surface is additionally stimulated and adipose tissue are broken down. The deeper layers of skin and adipose tissue during Endermologie are heated up thanks to the emission of radio waves. The precision in getting rid of unnecessary fat from chosen body parts is achieved here through a combination of vacuum massage and laser. Reduction of fat tissue is additionally stimulated by infrared light beams.

Icoone treatments are carried out in a white and elastic bodysuit designed for this purpose. Thanks to the combination of laser, RF, cavitation and infrared there is no need to wear such bodysuit for body shaping treatments with Endermologie.

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