Facing the carnival

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Last year we gave you hints how each of our Clients can become the King/Queen of the Ball thanks to the treatments from the offer of Easy Waxing. This year we will focus on the advantages of relaxation and treatments, which eliminate the impact of stress on the skin – because our emotions are the key to the beautiful appearance.

Facing the carnival

Anger detracts from her beauty

If we take it for granted that every proverb contains a grain of truth, then the proverb which is the title of this paragraph is a sincere truth contained in each letter. In addition, documented scientifically. The studies, which results were published in the journal of “Biology Letters”, provide that stress takes the beauty away. And we care about the beautiful appearance during the carnival just as much as about the good company and great musical setting of the dance events.

Stress makes us frown our eyebrows and narrow our lips – that is why we will recognise highly stressed people quickly, among others thanks to the vertical wrinkle of the lion located in the middle of the forehead, grooves running horizontally across the forehead and the drooping corners of the mouth, and strongly outlined wrinkles around the mouth. The stress stigma imprinted on the face causes the person to look like he is angry or grumpy all the time.

No one wants to look like that when having fun. And no one has to.

In Easy Waxing we know how to make the face look relaxed and friendly.

Beauty painted on the face

We begin the struggle with stress written on our skin from… looking at the calendar. The more time left before the carnival fun, the better, because you will be able to benefit from a larger number of rejuvenating, skin care and beauty procedures.

  • If we have a month (and more): we can safely opt for a complex care and rehabilitation of the facial tissues, also using the skin photo-rejuvenation. We will also have enough time to deal with acne and scars, and to perform the laser photo depilation – thanks to these procedures with the IPL+RF methods you will be able to perform several procedures of micro-dermabrasion, one session with the cavity peeling in the main role, or approx. 2 procedures of acid exfoliation.
  • If 1-2 weeks are left until the carnival: then, it is worth focusing more on the professional treatment of the skin and its comprehensive care than buying treatments of the strong and penetrating effects for the first time. The manual skin cleansing combined with the stimulation and massage using d’Arsonval currents are a good start, and then the care using professional cosmetic preparations for lightening, lifting, matting or bringing solace.
  • If there is only one day until the ball (or only a few hours): there is a little bit of time left, but it is still enough to go to the Easy Waxing salon. Our beauticians will certainly advise you which relaxing or care treatment will bring the most benefit to the stressed skin. Only if this is the performance of the professional massage of the face or the body, and from the ones dedicated to ladies: adjustment of the eyebrows and covering them with these treatments will make you smile when you see your reflection in the mirror. The power of smile is huge: it clears the forehead and the eyes, and it clearly raises the corners of the mouth – this is enough for the beauty (a little bit aided by the treatments in our salons) to appear on the face on its own.

Enjoy the carnival :-). 

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