Carnival calls for special treatment

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Transformation into a deity before the big ball or carnival specifically takes time. Especially when you are a woman :-). Therefore, dear ladies, let’s begin the preparations now – because a few weeks before the carnival are just enough to make yourselves beautiful thanks to the treatments offered by Easy Waxing.

The woman in the carnival edition

A good start

Stand in front of the mirror, evaluate your body and face with a cool, businesslike look, and think what you would like to improve in your appearance and why. Equipped with this knowledge meet us in the salon in Warsaw or in Wroclaw, and share your thoughts with us. Our beauticians will familiarise themselves with the condition of your skin, advise you – taking into account the time to the ball – which treatments should be applied and they will prepare the schedule of action. Quite a good idea is to begin the process of beautification from the standard skin cleansing. Only with the smooth, devoid of imperfections, skin it can be assessed how many treatments and which ones should be performed.

Rejuvenated on time for carnival

Younger in 10 minutes? Only after the lifting serum and only for several hours. We propose a lot more effective way and bringing far more durable and more spectacular effects: IPL photo-rejuvenation, that is a treatment using the power of radio frequencies (RF, radio-frequency) and light (IPL, intense pulsing light). Beautiful, radiant skin full of vitality with the proper tension, hydration and firmness, this is the result which you will get after the series of these treatments, which will stimulate the production of new resources of collagen and elastin and hyaluronic acid.

You should book a few weeks for the whole series, but already after the first application you will see that the skin is getting a healthier appearance and beautiful colours (thanks to the stimulation of circulation in the tissue). Just remember not to use the IPL therapy on the tanned skin, not to connect it with normal tanning or with tanning in a solarium nor with the administration of drugs or herbs with the photo-sensitising effects – because your skin may get irritated and you will achieve the counterproductive effect. The IPL technology can be also used for depilation.

Uncovered beauty

Winter is the perfect time to perform peelings. Peeling, in turn, is an effective method to uncover the epidermis in a younger edition, that is the way to present to the world a beautiful, neat face already after one use of the preparation (although, of course, thanks to the series of treatments you will get even better, even stunning effects). At a carnival masquerade, wearing a mask is compulsory, but thanks to such treatments like the cavitation peeling or exfoliation with AHA acids, covering the face during the great fete will be a happy whim, and not a necessity resulting from the desire to cover the bad skin from the world ;-).

Also you will not have to hide your hands into gloves, if you do not forget about manicure (the hands could use a bit of luxury in the paraffin bath) and depilation. Removing unnecessary hair before the carnival madness is a necessity: because you will show your legs in thin pantyhose, you will reveal your back, neck, shoulders and armpits in a ball gown. The beautician will apply a suitable formulation so that you do not have to worry about the too rapid re-growth of hair or their in-growth.

And finally, change your hands and feet into works of art, using the nail polish Shellac, Gelish or Vinylux, adjust your eyebrows, treat yourself to a relaxing massage, eyelash extensions, make-up and you can think about yourself as the Queen of the Ball in the carnival season. Have a successful carnival! 🙂

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