Eyebrow shaping methods – how to take care of the eye frame

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The shape of our lips, nose and eyes affects the overall expression of our face. Carefully done makeup can change one’s appearance, emphasize the advantages and hide imperfections. However, the shape of the eyebrows, and by the same token eyebrow shaping, has a decisive influence on the appearance and reception of a person’s overall image.

Nowadays, trends in eyebrow styling indicate that they should be clearly highlighted and also as natural as possible. Very thin eyebrows may make the face look artificial or comical. Thick, bushy, untamed stubble above the eye gives the impression that the person wearing it is inaccessible, unfriendly and grim. The most common mistake while shaping eyebrows by yourself is removing too much hair, forming it in an unnatural way and shortening the eyebrow arches.

That is why, it is important to choose the look that matches the proportions of other face elements when styling. This task is not the easiest – so it’s worth using the help of a cosmetologist when it comes to eyebrow shaping.

Eyebrow shaping treatment

At Easy Waxing we attach great importance to eyebrow styling – both to choosing the shape, color – and also give tips on how to care for them at home between visits to the salon. We also follow the latest trends in these treatments, which is why we have recently introduced eyebrow geometry based on powdered henna. Below we explain what methods of eyebrow shaping can be carried out in our studio and what are their indications and contraindications.

Eyebrow regulation with soft and hard wax.

This method of eyebrow shaping has two basic advantages: it is very precise and fast. If the skin is properly prepared and there are no contraindications, it is also a practically a painless method. The effect lasts from 10 days to even several weeks (the more regularly we use it, the less hair grows back).

The cosmetologist puts the wax under the eyebrow arch, then – in the case of soft wax – removes it with a properly cut interlining strip, and in the case of hard wax puts it in the same place, waits a moment for it to freeze, then quickly pulls away from the skin. Hard wax differs from soft wax in that it is heated to a relatively low temperature. So it can be used by people who do not tolerate warm substances.

For both hair removal methods, the main contraindications for the procedure will be:

  • skin inflammation
  • broken skin
  • eye diseases
  • chamomile allergy
  • recent surgical and cosmetic procedures in the face area
  • taking medicines that thin the blood
  • taking ointments with vitamin A.
  • a fresh tan

Before deciding on this procedure, you should always inform the person who will perform it about possible contraindications and the procedures performed in the face area.

Eyebrow shaping with tweezers

This method is very often done on people who need to shape their eyebrows from scratch. It also allows you to correct eyebrows from the top of the arch. With the help of quick and precise movements with tweezers – the stylist gets rid of short hair from the top and bottom of the eyebrows. Longer hairs are corrected using special scissors. This method is also dedicated to people who have fairly weak skin in the area of the eyebrow arch. Gentlemen often use it.

Contraindications for this procedure include:

  • broken skin
  • excessive softening of the skin
  • inflammation of the skin and eye
  • some facial treatments carried out immediately before eyebrow regulation

Eyebrow geometry based on powdered henna

An excellent culmination of any eyebrow styling is tint. While traditional gel or powder henna stays on the hair for several days (on the skin for only a few days), powder henna stays on the skin for up to four weeks, and on the hair up to six. It is a revolutionary, new method that many people undergo, who cannot – for various reasons – allow permanent makeup.

Under the slogan ‘eyebrow geometry’, or ‘eyebrow architecture’, you can find the right shape and correct the asymmetry. This is a rather complicated process, involving the preparation of a precise face line drawing, modeling of eyebrows with a special paste and henna application, and then depilation with wax or tweezers. Perfect for people who have eyebrows: thin, thin, light, gray, or with visible defects, as well as for everyone who would like to emphasize their eyebrows and not waste time on their daily makeup.

Contraindications to this surgery will be:

  • allergy to henna (we recommend conducting a free allergy test at least 24 hours before the planned surgery)
  • cuts and fresh wounds on the skin
  • all types of eye inflammation

At-home care

After all eyebrow and henna adjustmentsas well as eyelash lamination and lifting you should remember about at-home care. A brush for combing them will be necessary in our bag. It is also important – just like the whole face – to moisturize the skin well on the eyebrow arch. Use make-up and toning preparations that do not contain alcohol or perfumes.

In our salon you can also buy conditioners that support hair growth. They are perfect for all ladies and gentlemen who want to rebuild hair bulbs and enjoy the beautiful shape of the eyebrows.

So as to increase skin elasticity and reduce the visibility of wrinkles we recommend endermology treatment focusing on face and décolleté.

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