Hybrid manicure or Vinylux – how to choose?

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Hybrid manicure or vinylux – each client coming to our studio has different expectations regarding the manicure. Some ladies value time and endurance of styling, which is why they decide to do hybrid manicure, while others appreciate the reliability and a possibility to change the color of nails every week – so they decide on the Vinylux manicure . In fact, the choice between them depends on many factors. To help you decide which of the above-mentioned types of painting will be right for you, below we present all the advantages of the Easy Waxing manicure with colour.

Rock hard paint?

Hybrid manicure was created as an alternative to gel. Our clients love it because it is almost as durable as the gel, but it does not dry out and does not make the nail plate thinner. It is important to properly apply the subsequent layers of the base, color and top coat, cure them for a required time in the UV lamp – and finally – after two or three weeks maximum, remove the hybrid in professional beauty salons.

Hybrids should not be worn for too long, because after a while, it may air out, and then unwanted complications may occur. The optimal interval between treatments is about 21 days, although some people’s nails grow faster, so the regrowth becomes visible, which is why we also host clients who change the hybrid color every two weeks.

Varnishes from the “3 free” group

At the Easy Waxing Studio, we work with renowned Shellac, SPN and Indigo products. These varnishes belong to the “3 Free” product group, which means that they do not contain harmful substances used in other varnishes, which are: toluene, dibutyl phthalate and formaldehyde. Ladies suffering from severe allergies most often use the CND Shellac brand.

Do you have a problem with choosing the color of the hybrid manicure?

We will not make the task easier for you 🙂

As we have decided to work with several brands of hybrids, the choice of colors is huge. We have over 400 shades of different colors, so the only problem that can be caused by coming to us for a hybrid manicure is choosing the right one. However, we can deal with this and we will be happy to advise you which color will look the best on your hands 🙂

Hybrid manicure or Vinylux? Winylux? Winyluks? or maybe Vinyluks manicure?

The manufacturer of the hybrid brand Shellac – the CND company, launched the Vinylux varnish – the so-called vinyl varnish – on the cosmetic market a few years ago. In principle, it is a product for people who do not want to wear one styling color for many weeks. How is it different from hybrid and classic varnish? Well, it is not hardened in a lamp, but it is more durable than any other classic nail polish. Another difference is that the base is not used for the application of Vinylux, because the color has its properties.

The top is also important in this method, because it contains silver halides, which attract sunlight, thanks to which the nail polish dries faster and fixes the styling more strongly. As a result, you can enjoy a spatter-free manicure for 7 days or longer, but you need to know that after a while the color may wear off the tips of the nails. You can remove it yourself at home, at any time, with a traditional remover. We also recommend it to people who want to have painted nails and at the same time care for their nourishment and hydration. Vinylux in its composition contains vitamin E and jojoba oil, which have a rejuvenating and moisturizing effect.

The color palette is not as impressive as in the case of hybrids, but there are about 70 of them, and every season the company enriches its offer with a few or a dozen new colors, which of course we have in our offer. The only disadvantage that we find when we want to use this treatment is that until the varnish is completely dry and hardened – so that you can use it 100%to enjoy – you have to wait about 30 minutes. Everyone, however, can allow themselves a moment of relaxation from time to time and “do nothing” 🙂

Hybrid manicure or VinyluxHybrid manicureVinyl manicure
Execution time70 minutes50 minutes
HardeningRight in the UV lampDrying time approximately 30 minutes
ResilienceVery strong varnishStrong varnish
DownloadIn the salon – liquid with acetoneAt home – remover
PriceMore expensiveCheaper
Durability2 weeks +1 week +
Choice of colors300+ colors200+ colors

Also, as you can see, the choice between these two methods, hybrid manicure or vinylux, depends only on your needs and expectations. We encourage you to check out both methods.

At Easy Waxing, we work with disposable files and polishers. All tools are sterilized in a medical autoclave. With regard to this, you can tak for granted safety, hygiene, quality and friendly staff who will help you decide on a hybrid manicure or vinylux manicure 🙂

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