Endermologie LPG – myths and facts

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Endermologie LPG is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure. During the treatment, a specialised massaging device is used in order to reduce the visibility of cellulite, to contour the body and improve skin firmness so as to bring out its inner beauty. The results in terms of body shaping are achieved due to usage of a myriad of different methods such as radio waves, infrared light, low-frequency ultrasound, vacuum massage and massage with spherical rollers. Having had the procedure an improvement of skin condition should be observed. Enderemologie makes skin firmer, reduce not only fat tissue, but also wrinkles.

endermologie LPG

Truth about Endermologie LPG revealed…

While endermologie has gained popularity in the field of aesthetic treatments, there are some myths and misconceptions associated with it. Let’s explore and debunk a few of them:

Myth – Endermologie LPG can eliminate cellulite completely.

Fact – Endermologie reduces appearance of cellulite by improving blood circulation, stimulating lymphatic drainage, and smoothing the skin. However, it does not completely eliminate cellulite from the body. Endermologie provides temporary improvements, but long-term maintenance and lifestyle changes may be necessary for optimal results seeing as cellulite appears due to factors such as genetics, hormonal changes, and lifestyle choices.

Myth – Endermology procedure is painful.

Fact – Endermologie is generally a comfortable and painless procedure. The procedure is accompanied by different kinds of sensations that can be compared to that of a relaxing manual massage. The intensity of the treatment can be adjusted according to the individual’s comfort level.

Myth – Endermologie provides instant long term results.

Fact – While some individuals may notice immediate improvements in skin texture and tone after an endermologie session, the full benefits of the treatment usually develop over time. A series of endermologie treatments should be performed to ensure lasting effects.

Myth – Endermologie causes weight loss.

Fact – Endermologie LPG is not primarily designed for weight loss. While it can potentially contribute to some minor weight loss due to improved circulation and lymphatic drainage, the main purpose of endermologie is to improve the appearance of the skin and target specific areas of concern.

Myth – Endermologie is a substitute for exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Fact – Endermologie should not be considered a substitute for a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and a balanced diet. It can complement these practices by improving the appearance of the skin, body contour and enhance muscle regeneration after the exercises.

Should some questions arise you may consult with a qualified cosmetologist to understand the specific benefits, limitations, and expectations associated with endermologie LPG treatments.

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