Henna eye – a simple way to get tinted eyelashes and eyebrows

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Henna is a natural dye extracted from the stems and leaves of the planned called lawsonia. The plant, although it is known to be ornamental, does not attract attention with the spectacular appearance. The Cypriot oil is something else, which is included in its flowers and… drawings, which can be performed on each body part.

Eyelashes and eyebrows painted with henna

Before tinting came to the modern cosmetic salons (including ours in Warsaw and Wroclaw), it did its career in… desert areas and among ancient people.

Rituals and medicines

The history of the application of this dye has started over 6 thousand years ago in Egypt – therefore henna is called the oldest cosmetic of the Old World, that is Eurasia and Africa. Then, for dying hair and skin the powdered plan was used which was mixed with acidifying solvent. Today, henna is available in the form of ready colorants and inks in the form of powder or gel and it is mostly used for treatments of dimming eyebrows and eyelashes and for dying hair. More courageous people adorn their whole bodies with henna drawings, including the intimate surroundings.

Painting skin with henna centuries ago was very popular and was symbolic, ritual and protective in nature – skin was covered with henna in order to protect against the burning desert sun. Currently, fanciful paintings of henna on the skin are a spectacular manifestation of uncommon imagination and desire to stand out from the crowd. It is interesting that former generations used its part also for medicinal purposes: they were used for performing wraps eliminating mouth ulcers, headaches, treating burns and eliminating burns, and modern researchers continue to discover new medical applications of this species.

Chemistry behind henna

Henna is a completely natural product, and its colouring properties are ensured by the orange-red pigment located in the leaves and shoots of the plant, in literature it is called the Lawson plant. Chemically it is a derivative of naphthoquinone.

This red pigment is masked in the shoots and leaves by the green chlorophyll. For it to see the light of day it is necessary to treat the plant extract with a solution with acidic pH (e.g. water with lemon juice). Application of such paste on the body causes the plant particles, thanks to the affinity to the amino groups of proteins, to migrate to the keratin hair structure and penetrate through the external layers of the skin.

Henna on the eyes for (almost) everyone

Do you want to have eyes, from which no one can look away from and eyelashes and eyebrows that look like they are painted? Visit one of the Easy Waxing salons: in Warsaw or in Wroclaw. Our beauticians perfectly know what colour of henna should be selected (and how to model the shape of eyeborws), to get a deep look, highlight the natural beauty of the eyes and ensure health to hairs creating eyelashes and eyebrows (henna nourishes them, makes them more resistant to the effects of environmental factors, because it closes the scales of hair and gives them a beautiful shine).

For the principle we will add that henna works great in seduction: since the magic of the look “painted” with this dye has been successfully tried by the beautiful Cleopatra, luring Mark Anthony, also the modern “sorceress” can successfully use this method of drawing attention of men, in whom they are interested :-).

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