The shape of eyebrows – “dot the i” in your face

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The shape of eyebrows – “dot the i” in your face

If we removed the eyebrows from the face or gave them a different shape than they have now, this way we could change every person or give her a quite surprising look. Eyebrows, an often underrated attribute of beauty, are a perfect complement of the look and expression (!) of the face. They are also one of the most important active elements in facial expression. In Easy Waxing we know this perfectly well, that is why in our offer you can find, among others, treatments connected with regulation of eyebrows and change of their colour. Colouring the eyebrows, however, will not have the desired effect, if the shape of the arch is not fitted to the figure of the face.

The condition of perfection

The face may have standard proportions, flawless skin, it may be covered by the perfect make-up, but if the eyebrow does not have the appropriate shape and is not groomed, at the sight of such a face, unfortunately no-one will sigh with delight. No-one will also be impressed by the misaligned lining of the arch; on the contrary: home-grown regulation of eyebrows may end up with a disaster in the form of obtaining physiognomy closer to clowns or the face with permanent expression of exorbitant surprise due to the permanently raised eyebrows almost to the forehead.

The shape of perfection

The shape of perfection

Recommendations for the ideal length of the arch are clear: it should extend from the point on the line leading from the nose wing towards the inner eye corner until the point located on the line from the nose wing to the external eye corner. And in one place the arch should be bent; or straight. Where – it depends on the shape of your face. It sounds simple, but for an inexperienced person it is not that easy to achieve the perfect shape, because there are many rules referring to the formation of the arch. For example – for the face:

  • round – regulation of eyebrows in no case can additionally round the face, meaning the arch should be formed straight, slightly oblique, and its end should be slightly bent downwards;
  • square – rounded arch and giving it a thicker, clear line are the necessary conditions to overcome the most often acute drawing of the jaw and to optically provide lightness to the lower, overgrown jaw;
  • elongated – ideal will be a paradox, that is an arch without bending: the line of eyebrows should be simple, so the face will be optically shortened;
  • heart-shaped – regulation should emphasise the subtle features and divert attention from the characteristic hair line, the arch should be beautifully shaped, with a delicate bend, with slightly raised ends;
  • oval – here we have the ideal of beauty, which does not require too many corrective procedures; the arch should have the shape and bend resembling the broadly spread wings of a flying swallow.

Well…, now you probably know why during the regulation of eyebrows it is best to give yourself into the hands of specialists ;-). Below some more information…

face shapes

A close shave

The shape is not everything, because the perfect arch is also determined by its thickness and… hairstyle. And all you need here is a close shave mistake for the face to look neglected, grotesque and infantile. If all you know about your eyebrows is that they are there and that you want them to look more beautiful, you do not have to make the effort to be creative and to experiment on yourself in the search for the perfect way to regulate your eyebrows.

Relying on the professionalism of the staff of our company you can be sure that after the regulation of eyebrows you will not look like the character of Pyza from a popular cartoon for children or the grotesque lookalike of the theatre diva from a century ago. Experiments are certainly an interesting job, but if you want to give character to your face, you should rather bet on the procedure of eyebrow regulation in the Easy Waxing salon, something that is certain. Our beauticians are not mistaken even by a close shave :-).

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