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A new sexy hairstyle? Yes: a cheeky bob on the head, and in the intimate area a red heart, purple arrow or mischievous, black devil horns where only the chosen ones can look…

Bikini – the beginning of everything

Bikini – the beginning of everything

Not without a reason the bikini outfit was included to the top of the most subversive inventions of the modern times. This is mainly thanks to it that the world has gained the possibility to enjoy the charm of the female body. On this basis there was a revolution for the sake of the appearance of the intimate areas. First the women’s, and only then – the men’s. Although the men have earlier than women freed their bodies from clothes while sunbathing, yet the women were bolder in wearing more and more skimpy panties – both on the beach and in the bedroom.

Thus, it is hardly surprising that it is the women who set the tone to the hair removal of brazilian waxing, which in time – also in the feminine way – has been changed into a designer trend. Men, who were jealous of the skimpy thongs of the more beautiful sex, and of the well-groomed appearance matching them, are finding the hair removal of the intimate areas more and more interesting. Because of this they can proudly present not only their masculinity, but also – stylishly – its cradle.

Tools of the champions

Tools of the champions

Intimate hairstyles is the combination of the artistic cutting of the growing hair with the precise depilation according to the selected template: arrows, lines or fancy patterns, e.g., fancy moustache, butterflies, or the selected name. You can also choose the “zero” hairstyle, that is depilate all hair from the womb, if this is anyone’s fantasy. Theoretically, sexy hairstyles can be performed with any tool for removing the unwanted hair. In the professional practice two solutions are the best and we use them in the Easy Waxing salons:

  • Soft wax – a great, safe method for a quick removal of pubic hair, which you can read more about on the website on the hair removal with soft wax.
  • Sugar paste – is a natural product, very friendly to the skin and what is important: tested by countless generations of inhabitants of the Middle East. There, sugar paste is traditionally used for depilation of the whole body, and especially the intimate surroundings. In our salons we recommend it especially for the treatments of the sensitive bikini areas.


You should reserve yourself about an hour of time for waxing. The duration of the procedure depends on the extent of the area, on which the new “hairstyle” will be created and on the fact if the hair will be additionally coloured – because the intimate hairstyle can also be dyed.

Remember: things in the bush were fashionable in the days of Tarzan. The contemporary trend is the micro thongs or skimpy bikini, preferably with the surprise hidden under them: the hairstyle in the favourite style. Come to the Easy Waxing salons – we have got a lot of suggestions to make the appearance of the intimate surroundings more attractive.

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