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If you think that after the holidays it is enough to apply any hair removal method to recover the beauty of the body, you are wrong. After the dog-days the skin is calling for SOS, namely: “I have no moisture!” If you love your body and you wish it all the best, forget about aggressive methods for removing unnecessary hair.

The hair removal should be very delicate – especially in areas, which were browned by the Sun. These are the spots where the skin is either dry or even desiccated. In Easy Waxing we recommend sugar paste for the hair removal. 

One hair from autumn, that is the best provocative hair removal

Sugar paste – caramel sweetness for tanned skin

As you know from previous entries, this natural means for removing hair is far more gentle than others. In addition, the technique of applying sugar paste (upward) makes the cosmetic not adhere directly to the skin. This has got quite a beneficial effect on the cover tissue of the body, which is not so highly stretched when removing the paste (along the direction of hair growth), as it takes place in case of wax. 

Why is sensitivity of the depilatory agent so important in the case, when we remove hair from tanned skin? Because such skin in cosmetology is treated as irritated. Thus, subjecting it to the effect of any other irritant can only worsen the condition of the tissue. Depilation with sugar paste in Easy Waxing ensures that the unwanted hair is removed in a natural way, and the skin will continua to delight with a golden glow, as it did before.

Laser hair removal – not for tanned skin

Tan is the main contraindication for performing hair removal using a laser, and sunbathing or tanning, in turn, are pleasures prohibited for those, who underwent the removal of unwanted hair with the light beam. These prohibitions are not unfounded. Tanned skin is irritated and thus become more sensitive to external factors. You can perform laser depilation on tanned skin, but suntan cannot be too fresh. The skin after sunbathing or tanning should rest approx. 1 month and only then you can indulge in a removal of unwanted hair using a light beam.

On the other hand, due to the fact that laser removal can cause skin irritation, sunbathing after the treatment is not recommended. You can sunbathe in the rays with the UV band only after several days from depilation.

How to prepare your skin for hair removal after the holidays?

  • First of all, take care of the skin hydration. The deeper and more long lasting it will be, the better the condition of the tissue subjected to hair removal and the better the chance for avoiding any irritation after the treatment.
  • Select formulations with long lasting effect, which not only moisturise, but also retain water in the skin. This is important, because thanks to this moisture is not only delivered to the skin, but its resources are protected, which are already present in the tissue.
  • Sunbathe sensibly, that is beyond the hours, when the sun is the strongest, and preferably in motion, and not lying flat on the beach.
  • If you are planning depilation just after returning from the holidays, do not sunbathe at least one week before the treatment. You do not want to return with a fair complexion from the holiday? Then sunbath on the move or in partial shade – the skin will become slightly golden this way, without the risk of sunburn.

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