Depilation of legs and varicose veins – can those two get along?

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Do you have spider veins, or what is even worse, varicose veins? Depilate you legs using your head, that means – firstly, look at your lower limbs, then, think and consult with an experienced beautician or a doctor, and only then decide on a method of depilation, which is the safest for legs with the problem of varicose veins. And do not delude yourself that things that are good for your best friend are also best for you – because depilation of legs with varicose veins is not subject to this rule.

First, the leg heaviness occurs, then, the swelling in the lower leg, and with time, a net of violet spider webs appears under the skin. If we do not intervene at this stage, that means we will not help our veins in pumping blood against gravity, the spider veins will result in varicose veins. And then serious problems with hair removal will begin.

Depilation of legs with varicose veins

Why do varicose veins on the legs make hair removal difficult?

Only a well-chosen method of hair removal will make your legs delight with smoothness, and not scare with haematomas. To understand this, first, you have to trace the scheme of the formation of varicose veins on the legs.

Varicose veins are a sign of circulation insufficiency of this part of bloodstream, which BRINGS blood to the heart. Blood returning to the heart from tissues located below the level of the main pump of our body must flow up, that means it has to overcome the gravity. This process is not supported by any pump. Therefore, in order for the blood flowing up not to go back, it has to circulate in the veins quickly.

Veins, particularly the superficial ones, are quite thin and are not designed to transport a large amount of blood. Venous valves and flexible walls of these vessels protect the blood flowing up from coming back, and the leg muscles support them. The pace of the circulation usually slows down because of the insufficient movement and the associated muscle flaccidity. Then, the blood begins to remain in the veins, what may lead to the damage of the valves and the reversal of this liquid tissue – this is the so-called venous reflux. The blood accumulating in the given part of the vein causes the bloating of this delicate vessel or even the breach of the delicate surface veins.

Not hot and not by using force

The smooth blood circulation is also not favoured by keeping the legs in warmth – high temperatures cause the expansion of veins, what in turn causes the drop in power for pumping the blood in the veins. This is why, in the case of legs with varicose veins, the hair removal methods using hot wax are not recommended.

Waxing (both hot and cold) is also not recommended due to the fact that removing the wax patches sticking to the legs pulls the skin and the tissues located underneath. This can be a very traumatic experience for the legs weakened with inefficient circulation, and it may result in the cracked blood vessels and bloody bruising.

If we decide on the depilation with the removal of hair follicles, it is better to use sugar paste than wax. Here we explain why this choice is better. Likewise, photo depilation IPL is also a good choice – the light beam works point-wise, destroys the hair with follicles, without overheating the surrounding structures, which means that this method is safe foe the veins, which should be kept away from the heat.

And yet one more important note in the end: be careful with razors! If you scratch the varicose vein bulge with a razor, this may even lead to a haemorrhage.

Of course, you can always come to the Easy Waxing salon in Warsaw and in Wroclaw – our beauticians will advise you how to safely remove hair from legs with varicose veins and will perform the treatment professionally, using all necessary precautions.

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