Why should athletes consider hair removal?

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It is easy to see that athletes make sure that their bodies are perfectly smooth. And it’s not just about fashion for complete hair removal. Because hair on the body can directly affect athletic performance.

Hygiene and comfort

Athletes sweat intensively during training or competition. Sweat particles set on their hair. Over time, sweat becomes a source of unpleasant odour, because it is broken down by bacteria that inhibit our skin. Because sweat is a breeding ground for bacteria, it also increases the risk of possible infection. Therefore, the less amount of sweat means a smaller problems with hygiene.

For above reasons, the depilation of places such as armpits, chests or intimate areas makes it easier to keep clean and ensure comfort during training. The fact that smooth skin cools faster is very important for athletes. Especially if the workouts are heavy and there is intensive perspiration involved.

Ensuring smooth skin is also very important for easier wound and abrasion healing. Each wound must be kept clean, so it is better to get rid of unnecessary hair, so that they do not interfere with the cleaning and disinfection of body injuries and do not hinder the exchange of dressings.

If the athlete uses creams or ointments, they are much better absorbed on the skin deprived of hair. Also, rehabilitation treatments or massages will be much more effective after depilation.

Results and safety

It was observed that the presence of body hair definitely has a negative effect on athletic performance, because it increases the resistance of air or water. In particular, this is observed in cyclists and swimmers. For example: a cyclist with smooth skin, when riding over a distance of 40 km, can save up to 1 minute.

Doing sports requires sacrifice on the part of an athlete who, during training or participating in sports competitions, is exposed to discomfort and impediments because of hair. The presence of hair on the body may cause discomfort or even pain – such situations occur, among others, when applying or removing tight diving or cycling suits.

Hair can also cause very painful damage to the skin, for example, when during an accident while riding a bike, the hair get tangled in the moving parts of the bike.

why should athletes consider hair removal?

Aesthetic effect

Above all, sport is hard work on the body, its capabilities and one’s own character. The figure that the athlete presents shows the amount of effort he has put in to reach the top. This silhouette cannot be exposed properly if the skin is covered with hair. Bodybuilders are a good example. Their perfectly muscular bodies look best without hair – you can see the precise course and work of each muscle. Hair removal of bodybuilders is also necessary because it is easier to spread the oils on the body that nourish and make the skin shine when exposing the biceps.

Ancient Greeks and Romans knew about it – the habit of applying oil to the smooth body of a gladiator or participant of the Games was a common practice. Although hundreds of years ago, people cared for the body to be smooth and covered with oils mostly to make it difficult for the opponent to grasp the body, e.g., in wrestling, but also to present the muscular figure to the audience gathered at the Games. Hair removal of the bodybuilders centuries ago was also a guarantee that the smooth, aesthetic body will attract the looks of the ladies of that time.

Body aesthetics is also a priority for dancers – regardless of whether they dance in ballet, figure skating, dance in a formation presenting modern dances or are players of the Latin American or classical dance tournament. Because dance is the movement of the whole body, which even in a calm version can generate a large amount of sweat, and is also associated with raising hands and presentation of the body (often wearing a very skimpy outfit), depilation of dancers is an absolute necessity.

Depilation provides comfort and safety for all athletes and people not related to sport, who spend their time actively. The ideal solution are the laser methods of permanent hair depilation, because they guarantee a smooth skin for a long time.

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