Japanese manicure – what’s the hype?

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The procedure of the Japanese Manicure is the same as for the classic manicure (determining with the Client the preferred shape of nails, pushing back/cutting out the cuticle, degreasing the plate) with the difference that instead of putting a colourful polish, the beautician massages a special refreshing and moisturising paste into the nail plate. Then, she rubs powder into the nail plate, which keeps the components contained in the paste and protects from their too rapid washing from the nail plate.

What is Japanese Manicure?

The paste used for the Japanese Manicure contains ingredients and vitamins, which bind water, facilitate the penetration of other substances and have a significant effect on the water-fat balance. The mains task of the paste is to nourish the weak nail. The powder protects against external factors, such as water or detergents. After applying these products, the nail becomes nice, smooth, with silky sheen. The pink glow on the nail lasts for up to 2 weeks.

The components and vitamins contained in the Japanese Manicure

The components and vitamins contained in the Japanese Manicure

•   Vitamin A, E, H 
•    Provitamin B5 
•    Keratin
•    Bee pollen 
•    Silica from the Japanese sea.

Japanese Manicure brilliantly enhances the natural nails, stimulates blood circulation and stimulates the healthy nail growth. It perfectly protects against splitting of the nails and their peeling. This treatment makes the brittle nails become elastic and pliable.

Thanks to the Japanese Manicure nails become beautiful and shiny like a pearl.

The treatment should be repeated every two or three weeks, and the effect is really satisfactory.

We invite you to try the treatment in the Easy Waxing Salon, as well as other treatments such as waxing, male waxing, sugaring, Icoone, laser hair removal and more:)

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