Thicker hair after depilation – just a myth

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It is quite normal for hair to grow back after a hair removal treatment. There is no doubt about that. However, it seems that majoristy of our clients do have some doubts concernig the process of hair regrowth.

Do the hair grow back thicker and more difficult to remove after depilation?

It is not true that the hair after depilation grow back thicker and more difficult to remove. It is the exact opposite. Regular intervals between the treatments will mean that they will grow in smaller amounts, they will be weaker and easier to pull out during the next treatment. It is like that because the hair is removed with its bulb (hair root). Such effect will not be achieved while shaving with a razor, where we will only remove the hair’s steam, while the use of a depilating device will often cause greater pain than any other method.

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Regularity is a key to success

Frequent wax or sugar paste treatments may cause the damaging of the hair follicle, in which the bulb is located. That is why the hair after next depilation grows back weaker and rarer. At the beginning of the adventure with depilation the beauticians in the Easy Waxing Studio recommend the sugar paste.

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