The sweetest kind of depilation – sugar paste itself!

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In our offer you can find sugar paste depilation. It is something more than only one of the most effective treatments of hair removal. In every portion of the amber mass lies the many centuries heritage of the culture on the borderline of three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa.

The sweetest depilation

It sounded pathetic, but we should remember that the sugar paste was invented by women of the Middle East many hundred years ago.

Because according to the local culture it was demanded from the representatives of the fair sex for their skin to be smooth like silk, especially during the wedding night (which was a tribute to her husband), the need – as usual – turned out to be the mother of invention. Practical residents of areas currently occupied by Arab countries mixed ingredients in appropriate proportions, that always had at hand: sugar, lemon juice and water. They cooked this until obtaining the caramel consistency and colour, they cooled it, applied to skin and ripped it with a firm move, revealing the satin surface, the smoothness of which could be envied even by the greatest erstwhile aristocrats from the Old Continent.

The sweetest depilation

Hair removal against the hair growth

Although with sugaring hair removal it is recommended to remove hair with the length of approx. 5mm, the method generates excellent results also in the elimination of hair with the roots which are considerably shorter, because only 2-3mm. The unusual effectiveness of the sugar depilation is due to two reasons:

  • the paste is spread upwards, and not with the hair, like in case of wax – because of that, when applying the sweet mass, the elements for removal are raised and more carefully “embedded” in the paste;
  • lifting the hair makes the paste stick to them, and not to the skin – in effect, a quick pull of the mass with the direction of the hair growth directs the force of this operation to the hair removal, without simultaneous pulling the skin up.

Now, you probably understand why sugaring depilation causes lesser discomfort than other methods of hair removal based on pulling out hair with their roots :-). The list of benefits of this method of hair removal should also include the fact that the application of the mass and its pulling perfectly peelings and massages the skin.

Love your skin and… epilate it with sugar paste

While we are in the cultural climates, we remind you that in the XXI century possessing a smooth body and bikni epilation is a standard and it results from the appreciation of the beauty of smooth skin. We assure you that after the sweet depilation you will love your body even more…

Sugar paste at home and in the salon

Theoretically, sugaring hair removal can be easily performed at home. But as it usually is with theory, it does not always work in practice – because the preparation of sugar paste is not an extra challenge, but it takes time, it absorbs energy and requires patience. In addition, the inexperienced person will not always obtain the desired consistency of the paste, whereby the mass instead of sticking to hair, will stick to the fingers.

It is much more convenient to go to the beauty salon Easy Waxing Warsaw or Easy Waxing Wrocław and order the performance of depilation to the professionals. You save time, money and… dishwashing liquid 🙂 – because the preparation of sugar paste also requires cleaning up. In our salons, all operations associated with the mere depilation are included in the standard :-).

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