Man and big ball – a special treatment required

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We are revealing how the man should care about himself so that in a fairly short period of time he could change into the star of every gala – because the carnival is just around the corner!

The man prepared well for the big ball

A few weeks reserve

If you are worried that you will not make it with the preparations of yourself to the ball, you are mistaken. In our salons you can benefit from many treatments during one visit (and this will not take the whole day :-)). You will see the effects after just one application, but the best results will be obtained when you decide on a series of treatments – because this way you will manage to obtain a long-term improvement of your skin and strengthen the course of repair processes taking place in the tissue. But one by one….

Cleansing and uncovering

If, luckily, acne is not your problem, you can try different types of scrub, body treatments and treatments eliminating discoloration. If you belong to a group of men, who suffer from efflorescence, we have a very effective program for you based on the correlated use of:

  • microdermabrasion, which perfectly prepares the skin for further cleansing and care procedures and revealing the younger layers of epidermis it will refresh the complexion;
  • traditional, manual cleansing, thanks to which you will get rid of secretions retained in the pores of your skin;
  • cavitation peeling – ultrasounds used during the treatment effectively reinforce the skin purification from the secretions of sebaceous glands;
  • skin care products from a range of the Dermika company.

Looking at your partner’s face while dancing is a nice variety of the fun, but romanticism of the moment may vanish when the partner’s eyes will encounter acne lesions instead of a smooth complexion. Thus, it is best to start the war against blemishes a few weeks before the great gala and subject yourself to the therapy using the IPL lamp, effectively attenuating inflammation. Those, who have tried, already know that photo-treatment of acne works perfectly also in case of purulent lesions, that is those which disfigure face the most and are most visible.

A few clever tricks

The IPL lamp can be also used to photo-rejuvenate and photo-depilation – these are effective ways to improve the firmness and tightness of the skin and to get rid of the unwanted hair. Just do not perform any of these two treatments just before the party, because the skin needs a few days to rest after them, and drinking alcohol, eating spicy foods and craziness on the dance floor will be pleasures, which are temporarily not recommended.

Excessive hair can be freely removed even on the day of the fun, using the men’s waxing, with Lycon or sugar paste. The procedure is quick so you will always find time for wax. Shortly before the ball also treat your hands and feet to a bit of luxury in our salon SPA. We guarantee that the velvety soft, smooth toes and heels as well as nails with a healthy gloss will make an electrifying impression on the partner. And you do not have to explain to her that the beautiful nail plates are the effect of the Japanese manicure performed just before the party. 🙂

To take advantage of the full treatment series you need approx. 3 months, but even if you give yourself under the care of beauticians in our salons just one week before the planned gala, the probability that you will win the title of the Mister of the Ball is huge – because in Easy Waxing we know how to quickly bring out the charm of every man 🙂

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