Facials for spring time – and why you should do it!

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Spring. The perfect time for facials. The time when we want to put our face to the sun has come. After many months of hiding the face in warm scarves and shawls – we want to present ourselves in all our glory. And with a lighter make-up, because the skin on warm days does not need such a thick layer of protective cosmetics, as during the autumn and winter wet and cold weather.

Spring facials – when it is worth it and when you should not do it?

The problem is that the thinner layer of powders and primers or replacing them with light cosmetics will expose the imperfections – unfortunately, also in their full “glory”. Knowing that others will notice the blackheads, pimples and other foibles of the beauty on our skin can be really tiring. In order not to feel bad, you should immediately rush to the beautician – the best one is the one you trust, with qualifications and experience, which will adjust the facials to the type of imperfections and the condition of the skin. Because what will be good for your friend or partner does not always have to be good for you.

Spring facials – golden rules

  • The skin treatment should not be used by people, whose skin in the treated area is dotted with inflammatory, purulent changes – there is too big a risk that during the mechanical treatment the epidermis will be damaged and the bacteria will spread.
  • In spring, our resistance is just waking up from the winter lethargy and can be variable like the March or April aura. The result may be, for example, the emergence of various viral infections. The runny nose or the cold are not a contraindication for performing skin treatment, but it is best to cancel the visit then. Not only not to spread germs, but also for a simple reason, conducting the accompanied by sneezes and therefore the forced breaks to wipe the nose can be quite troublesome.
  • Have you got a cold sore? You do not have to cancel the visit, but instead of the facial you can treat yourself to, e.g., paraffin bath or – your hands an feet will be grateful. Just like the eyes, because giving up the facial treatment when you have a cold sore, you will avoid transmitting the virus from the red lips to the eyes, what could be bad for your eyesight.
  • Many trees and shrubs emit dust in spring. If you have a full-blown allergy to pollen with tearing, runny nose, cough, and you do not want to resign from cleansing the skin, take the preparations prescribed by the doctor, which alleviate the symptoms of allergies. Cancel the visit, if allergies are accompanied by high fever.
  • You can use the facial treatments regardless of age, while you should not encourage a young person or a teenager with healthy skin. It is best to invest in a good facial mask then or… cycling, which oxygenates the whole body – this will certainly reflect favourably on the facial appearance.

Face cleansing can be done at home. But why if you have at your disposal a great offer of  Easy Waxing salons? Arrange for professional facials: during the procedure the beautician will remove the dead skin cells and blackheads, she will unblock the pores. The skin will get rid of the toxins and will become like the spring: radiant and fresh.

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