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Let’s face it: living on the right foot requires an effort and forethought – to a double extent, because we all have two feet. We have to care about each of them equally carefully, because we exploit both the left and the right one every day, requiring that: each of them functions flawlessly; none of them lacks charm.

Gehwol at your feet

Precision – naturally

The best program for feet is the one that works comprehensively on the skin and nails: nourishes, moisturises, heals inflammation and fungal infections, and prevents infections and protects against the ingrown nails. Those who use the services of beauty salons know that obtaining such an extensive range of perks for feet is possible thanks to a professional pedicure and the assumption that it is performed using the best quality cosmetic preparations.

People who had the opportunity to have a pedicure done in the Easy Waxing salons saw how important is the good selection of the brand and the series of products. We decided on the preparations for the professional feet care of the Gehwol series, from the renowned German company: Eduard Gerlach GmbH. Firstly, because the cosmetics can be precisely adjusted to the particular problem, and secondly – the company focuses on natural solutions.

The synergy of technology and nature

The first foot cream of the Eduard Gerlach company went on the market in 1882 (sic!) and had already marked the direction of a professional comprehensive care based on natural ingredients. The company maintains this trend and because of this we can offer the best pedicure that feet could dream about if only they had such ability. The Gehwol products are used in different types of pedicure, selecting them to the needs of the individual Client. Those who had the chance to benefit from the treatment with the application of the preparations from this series know that one can obtain spectacular effects already after one treatment of, e.g., a classic pedicure based on the products from this series.

What is more: the results will be there for a really long time – much longer that the incomparable aroma of the cosmetics. This smell is the result of using natural essential oils in the Gehwol series (among others from mountain pine, lavender, rosemary, thyme and camphor) and plant extracts (among others from chamomile, horse chestnut, witch hazel, algae, paprika, ginger, bamboo). Natural ingredients are harmoniously combined with synthetic substances of recognised soothing and healing properties, among others with Allantoin, Climbazole or vitamin E.

The foot’s needs

The antiseptic effect of essential oils and triclosan, soothing the effect of the Allantoin and aloe, softening properties of urea or glycerine act as an luxurious moisturizer for the skin of the feet. . Literally, because some Gehwol cosmetics really have the form of a moisturizer, but in the series we can also find salts, ointments, creams, sprays or sticks. The Gerlach brand made sure that we can freely pick from the form of the Gehwol cosmetics, what is scrupulously used by our specialists, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the care or therapeutic pedicure.

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