Powdered henna and geometry… let’s get to know how it’s done

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Doing eyebrows everyday? Cumbersome. Traditional henna? Short-term (and unnatural, even) effect. Powdered henna (also known as brow henna)? Sure – in combination with well done brow architecture gives an effect that one could dream of. Additionally, the result stays on the brows for around 6-8 weeks!

Powdered henna with geometry and brow architecture… just like it’s painted

Let’s make two things clear – one: powdered henna has in common with traditional henna the name and the effect of colorization; second: it is a treatment for eyebrows that not only women, but also men can use and do use in Easy Waxing in Warsaw and Wrocław.

Powdered henna with brow architecture – a perfect duet

When you look at the way that products used for doing powdered henna work, you should say that it is a treatment directed towards a more complex regeneration of brows and the brow arch, not only darkening the framing of the eyes. The entire procedure consists of three elements: colorization, setting up the correct geometry of the arch, and bringing back the correct brow architecture. The hairs after the powdered henna treatment are soft, shiny, and healthy-looking, and the arch gains balance.

Henna pudrowa brow

People who undergo the powdered henna treatment in Wrocław or Warsaw at Easy Waxing point that thanks to the treatment their hairs grow faster, and there are even new ones growing, thus filling gaps and making the brows appear more full.

Brow henna, geometry, and brow architecture – how do you do it at Easy Waxing?

Whether man or a woman – the treatment always begins with a conversation, which is a crucial part of the preparations, as this is where our clients give us important information – this serves as a basis for our experts at Easy Waxing to select the correct tone and intensity of the colorizing products, as well as draw the destination brow shape. The next step is brow architecture, setting up a perfect line by regulating the borders of the hair growth. Once we know the way the arch is going to look, we come into the last step, which is physically making our clients’ dream of perfect eyebrows come true.

Powdered henna – step-by-step

First, we regulate the eyebrow shape using wax or tweezers. Once we achieve a perfect arch, similar to swallow’s wings, we can move to the next step, which is applying the color.

The most important thing is making sure that the skin is protected, which is why the area surrounding the brows has to be covered by items such as cotton balls or lignin pieces, which help prevent irritation and unwanted staining. The colorization itself is done by applying the correct shade and tone pigment, which is selected by the client or the expert doing the treatment.

After removing the color, the hairs become shinier and fuller. With time, more hair grows in that place, which makes people with sparse hair very happy.

The mentioned advantages of powdered henna are thanks to the very rich ingredients composition of the product, however, this we will talk about in the next entry – you will read it soon.

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