Plain and waterproof make-up

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Cry-babies should not perform plain makeup, waterproof cosmetics make the lashes fall out, and the permanent makeup is better than normal – these are only examples of truths, half-truths and myths about different types of makeup. We reveal the truth about each of them. In this episode: a plain make-up.

Plain and waterproof make-up

Waterproof or plain?

Traditional make-up can be performed with waterproof cosmetics or cosmetics, which do not have such properties. It is related to the daily application of cream, base, performing lines on the eyelids and tracing the contours of the lips, applying the shadow, blusher and loose powder, use of an equaliser and careful modelling of eyebrows with a pencil and doing the eyelashes. These activities take up a lot of time EVERY day, because the perfect make-up cannot be performed in a moment. But a moment of inattention is enough, in the case of cosmetics without waterproof properties, for the whole intricate work, which has been done, to simply flow from the eyes and cheeks (e.g. someone will splash you with water, we will drink water from a glass in a bad way or we will smear the lipstick from the mouth by accident, or someone will start crying).But every day, thanks to the fact that we apply the make-up – regardless of whether we use normal or waterproof cosmetics – we have:

  • joy that we can experiment with colours and styles;
  • possibility to use cosmetics with different properties, e.g., traditional or mineral preparations;
  • certainty that if we do not have the make-up remover, colourful cosmetics can be washed away even with cream used for daily facial care (oily for waterproof make-up or moisturising for colourful normal cosmetics).

For whom?

We recommend it to those who like variety, want to look different every day, have problems with the skin and tendency to sensitization (allergies or people with acne should select cosmetics not containing parabens, preservatives, flavours, etc.).

Important: colour cosmetics, regardless of the fact if they are waterproof or not, should always be carefully removed before going to sleep at night or before applying another layer of make-up. Inaccurate removal of make-up makes the face accumulate dirt, and pores remain clogged – this interferes with oxygenation, hydration and skin regeneration; while eyelashes – covered with the remains of ink, especially waterproof – are drying, they weaken, break and can really quickly fall out.

Flutter the eyelashes

In case of problems with lashes – when they are few, are short, fall out in large numbers, leaving unsightly looking breaks, you can quickly correct the look of the eyes, using treatments offered by the Easy Waxing salons:

  • extension of lashes 1:1 – natural lashes are extended with artificial fragments, but made of a natural material: silk proteins; the final effect can be seen in the picture here;
  • gluing groups of eyelashes – it is a way for the simultaneous very quick density and extension of eyelashes; effects are shown in the photo, which can be seen here.

Performing the waterproof or plan make-up can be facilitated and the time which has to be spent on painting the face can be reduced by performing henna. This treatment can also be performed in our salons.

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