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It is performed once and for all. Although the technique can be associated with the performance of a tattoo, permanent make-up is not a make-up for life. Rather for several years. It is certainly an ideal solution for people who do not have the desire or time to reach for cosmetics on the daily basis, to carefully draw lines on the eyelids and the lips, rainbow decorate the eyelids just to was hall of this in several hours and to begin the same process of painting again the next day.

Permanent, or durable, make-up

Permanent make-up – palette of possibilities

There circulates the information that permanent make-up can quickly get bored. Because you paint the face and it looks the same all the time. This piece of information is only partially true, because permanent make-up can be made in two versions:

  • delicate, serving rather as a base or a supplement of the normal make-up, which can be applied every day in a different version;
  • fundamental, which replaces the everyday make-up and in this variant we have a make-up, which modifications are really limited, but very possible.

With a permanent painting you can beautify:

  • eyes
  • lips
  • eyebrows
  • selected areas of the face in order to rejuvenate, cover up or illuminate, e.g., the skin fragment just above the upper lip.

On the eye, but not hastily

A linergist, or a specialist for performing permanent make-up, does not start painting the selected areas of the face without preparation. Before she starts applying the pigment, she performs a thorough analysis of the natural qualities of the skin, the shape of the face and familiarises herself with the expectations of the client, and even the beauty plans for the next years.

Does it sound strange? Let us imagine a person, who transforms from a brunette with a strong, thick line of the eyebrows after her visit at the hairdresser into the ethereal blonde. She will not dye her eyebrows, as she did with her hair… At most, she can to a beauty salon or aesthetic salon and order a deep correction of the earlier version of the permanent make-up. Such a procedure is performed using a laser: the light beam causes de-pigmentation of the area, in which it operates.

Secrets of permanent make-up

Methods and techniques of applying permanent make-up are numerous, but most of all they are brought down to the application of pigment into deep layers of the skin using special “feathers” ended with a thin needle. Due to the fact that the dye is placed in the epidermis, and it is exfoliated, over time the colour begins to lose its intensity and the whole make-up fades. To extend the life or restore the life to the permanent make-up, you have to re-apply the pigment.

The properly performed treatment should not cause any side effects.

Permanent make-up – FAQ

  • The application of permanent make-up takes a long time – so book approx. 2 hours for the procedure.
  • Sleep well before the procedure – not to have swollen eyes; potential swelling should be eliminated using a compress of ice or ice water.
  • If you have sensitive eyelids and prone to swelling, a few days before the surgery take homeopathic pills with arnica. 
  • A minimum of a month before the treatment and the same time after the treatment you should not use lash conditioners.
  • After the treatment you cannot sunbathe in the sun, solarium, use saunas, and the skin should be treated delicately.
  • It is recommended to pat a special cosmetic cream with the moisturising effect.
  •  Initially, the very intense colours of the make-up can amaze you, but luckily after a few days the pigment will get lighter.

Painting with a “feather” has its advantages: first of all, it saves time.

In the Easy Waxing salons we offer an alternative to the permanent make-up, that is the application of henna on the eyebrows and eyelashes. This embellishment, which stability is admittedly smaller from the permanent make-up, but its effects are not inferior to this technique of face painting.

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