Male waxing – how to survive the first time?

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The statistics show that male waxing in the intimate areas is becoming more popular than the removal of hair from the chest. Have men matured enough to regard the hair removal as a masculine procedure?… Probably yes, seeing as more and more men in various types of interviews talk about the satisfaction they felt seeing the altered and smooth body after undergoing the male waxing procedure.

male waxing

A real man… undergoes depilation

Do you remember the reaction of Mel Gibson in the film “What women want”, when he decided to depilate his own legs with wax? Yes, it was clear: that hair removal is considered a punishment for all sins, in addition, not only your own. Meanwhile, men who regularly use hair removal in the Easy Waxing salons treat this treatment as any other to improve the body health. Those who decide to remove hair from their intimate areas even say that this treatment lifts their personal charm (we are sure of this as professionals :-)). Therefore, should we be afraid of hair removal, especially the intimate one?

What does a man feel during hair removal?

Our observations show that during the fist treatment men usually experience anxiety, after it – a mixture of relief and pride of their own courage, they go to their second treatment richer with the first positive experiences, and afterwards they ask for another term. The third treatment becomes a well known procedure. From this moment male hair removal starts being a procedure which is performed periodically.

During the first treatment they are afraid that they will experience the anguish similar to the one Gibson did in the aforementioned film. In the salon they will be surprised that the removal of unwanted hair is not so terrible. Especially if it was the hair removal with sugar paste – because it is more delicate than the one performer with wax.

The first male waxing – how to survive it?

  • Hide shame and artificial courage into your pocket – you will not need them in our salons. Our beauticians will take care of you professionally – as of each of our customers. If this is your first time, and the intimate hair removal will be performed and you fell shame about this, tell your beautician about this. There is no shame in feeling… embarrassed – it is a normal reaction in this situation an we guarantee that you will be understood, and the specialist that will take care of the hair removal will make sure that you feel comfortable during the treatment. Just don’t forget to tell her before the procedure that this is your first time!
  • Breathe – deeply and calmly. It helps people relax. Try not to hold your breath during depilation. But if you have to do this, after removing wax or paste from the skin try working on a deep, relaxing breath again.
  • Approach the treatment with humour – let us make you laugh and try thinking about something pleasant or amusing. It helps control your fear of the unknown, that is before whether the wax or paste removal will be painful and to what extent.
  • Do not decide on the depilation procedure, especially intimate, if you feel a strong inner resistance. Perhaps you need to grow up to this decision. Give yourself time: several days or weeks. In the meantime you can drop by to our salon in Warsaw or Wroclaw and arrange, e.g., a professional male manicure and pedicure. Your nails will benefit from it, and you can talk to the professionals during the treatment about the hair removal for men in the Easy Waxing salons.

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