Hair Removal while Pregnant – smooth truth, p. 1.

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Dear future mums, we refute the myths associated with the removal of unwanted hair during pregnancy – for your well-being! Today, the first episode of this cycle.

Hair Removal while Pregnant – smooth truth, p. 1.

Hair Removal while Pregnant is allowed…

Absolutely! Hair removal during pregnancy, if the woman wants, can be carried out even every few days – using, of course, appropriate accessories and avoiding aggressive or painful methods. These limitations result from the fact that while waiting for a child women become more susceptible to pain, and the skin – more sensitive to physical and chemical factors.

… and even highly desirable.

Hair removal during pregnancy should be carried out, because thanks to thin simple treatment the future mum will be sure that she remains an attractive, well-groomed woman, even if the rounding belly temporarily takes the laxity away from the body. Unwanted hair should also be removed just before the child comes to this world – especially, if in the hospital selected for the childbirth the depilation of intimate areas is a must before the birth. I think that every woman wants for this treatment to be conducted in the comfort of your home or in a trusted cosmetic salon, and not behind the hospital curtain and in front of a strange midwife. Clients of Easy Waxing willingly submit themselves to the removal of unwanted hair even in the advanced pregnancy, because they know they can rely on the experience of our beauticians and the methods of hair removal used in our salons – we provide extraordinary comfort, the highest hygiene and intimacy during the treatment.

Natural and non-invasive hair removal methods are the safest for pregnant women.

It is obvious, therefore, the widely recommended way of removing unwanted hair is the sugar paste waxing. Its use, although in some is a cause for concern, is fully permitted. This method is particularly recommended for the future mum due to the fact that sugar paste contains only natural components, and it use is less painful than using wax. Sugar paste is also recommended for another reason: it moves away from the skin more gently, because it is removed according to the direction of hair growth, and thus greatly reduces the risk of skin irritation and the danger of spider veins, that is permanent extensions of capillaries.

We avoid creams and advanced technology.

Yes, because at the beginning of pregnancy the future mum can react negatively to fragrant depilatory creams or foams. The smell of creams – even delicate ones and sensitive for skin – can cause nausea especially in early pregnancy. The scientific studies were also not conducted, which would provide information about the fact if the use of technologically advanced methods of hair removal is safe for the foetus. For this reason, the list of recommended methods or even prohibited contains depilation with light waves like IPL, sound or using devices generating electricity (epilators), meaning those, which cause pain, stress or can threaten with permanent extension of the capillary blood vessels.

If a woman cannot imagine another ways of hair removal but the laser one or using electrolysis, she should perform these treatments before she gets pregnant.

In the next section we will describe how to best cope with hair removal of intimate areas during pregnancy.

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