Face depilation – not only the upper lip

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Men’s scruff or even beards are a regular thing, and lately it is considered trendy. Women’s scruff, however… used to be a reason for insecurities. Today, thankfully, there are many methods to depilate the entire face, not only the upper lip.

Face depilation includes the previously mentioned upper lip, as well as hair removal from the areas of the temples, around the eyebrows (however, it is not the same as eyebrow waxing!), cheeks, chin, and even the eye area. When the client shows up at Easy Waxing in Warsaw or Wrocław and asks for a face depilation, we always want to clarify which parts of the face are of interest; as you can tell from what was said here, it is not always just the upper lip.

Face depilation – not only the upper lip

Face depilation – the most effective methods

If you think that the only effective methods of face hair removal are laser treatments, wax, or sugar paste, we would like to prove you wrong. There are other effective methods, which also include shaving, as they do remove the hair from the face. However, what is important are the long-term effects, because they determine whether the hair will return and cause insecurities after a few hours, or it will become just a memory.

Here is what is clearly seen about the effectiveness:

  • Shaving or trimming with scissors – it definitely gets rid of the visible hair. However, it only takes a few hours for the skin to become rough. The reason? It is a way for the hair to signal its growth. And then after a few hours, the hair is back and visible on the skin…
  • Plucking or trimming using a trimmer – not only does it take a lot of time, but also does not guarantee the removal of the hair with its root. Parts of the hair will simply get cut at the length at which the tweezers caught it.
  • Depilating cream – this method is especially risky for sensitive skin, which is also not very effective. The cream removes only the hair on the skin surface, leaving it intact underneath, and letting it grow back.
  • Waxing – both using hot and cold wax – this method helps you get rid of unwanted face hair for a couple of weeks, usually from 4 to 6. The only thing is that the hair has to be a couple of millimeters long for the removal to be possible.
  • Sugar paste – is can be more effective than wax, and the removal itself is less uncomfortable, as the hair is pulled in the direction of its growth, not against. There is also very little possibility of skin irritation, as the sugar paste we use at Easy Waxing is only made with natural ingredients (we make sure of that by using our own formula!)
  • Laser hair removal – it is a method for permanent face hair removal. However, one treatment is not enough to sufficiently remove the hairs from cheeks, chin, or the upper lip – the effectiveness of the treatment depends on the phase of growth that hair was in during the treatment. After a series of treatments the hair on the upper lip will no longer bother you for the rest of your life.
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