Acid exfoliation – concentration is important here

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Exfoliation is shedding ,removing. In cosmetics, where natural hydroxyl acids are used for exfoliation, this term refers to the removal of outer layers of skin: from calloused skin to the uppermost layers of the dermis.

Although the cosmetic salons most often use acid concentrations for the treatment, enabling penetration only of the epidermis layer and this is enough to obtain a spectacular effect of skin rejuvenation, lightening of its colour and its alignment), it is worth knowing that exfoliation may go deeper and in justified cases it is possible to perform a treatment which is more intensive for the skin. Beauticians working in the Easy Waxing salons have got vast experience in conducting exfoliation treatments and will perfectly select the preparation ideally suited to your needs.

Acid exfoliation – concentration is important here

Adjusted acanthosis

In exfoliation, in order to achieve the intended cosmetic purpose, several factors are important, and one of them is the concentration of the acidic measure. The principle is simple: the weaker the concentration of the preparation, the shallower the penetration of skin and the deeper the tissue peeling. The weakest concentrations are used for surface penetration, consisting of the removal of cornified cells.

Then the acids act only within the area of the skin and contribute to the regulation of the acanthosis process: they loosen the protein connections between the cells, initiating thus the way of removal of the dead layer. Its removal makes the young layers of skin appear, so the skin becomes smoother and is fresh looking. It is also better hydrated, because the removal of blockages in the form of layers of old cells increases the hydration of the exposed layer of the epidermis.

Sebum under control

Average concentrations of acids additionally regulate the process of producing sebum, because they penetrate the skin deeper and they not only free it from the calloused skin, but also unblock pores of the skin more effectively, make them narrower an remove the deposits of sebum and dirt embedded in it. Skin become well hydrated, acne lesions heal faster, and blemishes and scars of eczema are much less visible.

Repairing the scaffolding

Higher concentrations of acids during exfoliation, already working on the top layer of the dermis, not only regulate the course of acanthosis and sebum production, but they also stimulate processes of biological skin wellness: by stimulating fibroblasts – cells responsible for production of elastin and collagen fibres and glycosaminiglycans. Deep exfoliation thus initiates the synthesis of components constituting the skin scaffolding and it has a beneficial effect on the growth of the density of this tissue.

Remember: the process of producing new collagen and elastin fibres lasts a few weeks. Therefore, immediately after the shallower exfoliation you will definitely observe the increase of moisturising and skin smoothing, after exfoliation with preparations with higher acid concentration you can count on the progressing monthly further improvement of the appearance, including the gradual smoothing of wrinkles definitely younger looking skin. These effects persist for a long time – because more collagen and elastin in the skin mean greater flexibility and strength of this tissue.

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