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We are pleased to inform you that from the beginning of 2017 in our studios, we use only own brand Easy Waxing sugar paste. After several months of tests and experiments we have developed a product that is both the most effective for hair removal as well as completely safe for the skin. Our sugar paste has only natural ingredients such as water, sugar, citric acid.

With our paste you can enjoy the highest quality hair removal. It is able to remove even very short hair and in addition during the treatment, the skin is subjected to pleasant peeling. Probably the most important advantage of this type of hair removal is the fact, that the product during use has temerature of the body of depilated person, so there is no possibility to cause irritation or burns.

All Easy Waxing cosmetics are manufactured in accordance with EU requirements and are reported to CPNP.

Enjoy the sweet depilation 🙂

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