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In every real man lies dormant an equally real cowboy, so the men do not lack courage and are increasingly more often visiting beauty salons (also ours) – which resemble the Western saloons only by the fact that their offer focuses on meeting the needs of the client’s body, for example manicure and pedicure.

manicure and pedicure

Difficult first choices

The belief that a real man is rough as a cowboy, both in touch and behaviour, is a myth straight from the old Wild West. The mythical masculine roughness in Easy Waxing is the thing of the past – because the contemporary cowboy is well maintained from head to toe. However, before the man, who is just starting his adventure with the professional care cosmetics, subjects himself to such sophisticated procedures, like depilation of the intimate body parts, most often, at the beginning tests the completely safe treatments, in his opinion. Therefore, firstly, he most frequently chooses manicure and pedicure.

Men’s variety of women’s treatments

Men’s manicure and men’s pedicure are treatments identically similar to those performed for women. They are not painful, and they can additionally provide a lot of pleasure – for example, during the hand bath or feet bath in the SPA treatments, which aim is to soften the cuticle and moisturise the tissues. Both the care of male hands and their feet aim to restore the natural softness, hydration, uniform colour and healthy appearance of the skin and nails of these body parts. Novices probably wonder how the beautician, who sees the client for the first time, can easily choose the most appropriate treatment from several types of manicure and pedicure.

Power of interview

There are two ways to get this information. At the same time there is used: the first one consists of the precise visual inspection of hands and feet, and the second one – of the oral interview with the Client.

On the first visit, the men usually are quite formal and distrustful towards the staff, but over time they get used both to the beautician and the questions she asks. The specialist may ask for a lot things, which are sometimes strange for the client: about the type of work or the shoe model worn most often. These questions appear on purpose, because the answers provide specific tips to the beautician, e.g. the reasons of hand skin dryness or tendencies for the formation of painful calluses.

Men, remember that the interview that will be conducted by the beautician before the manicure or pedicure does not aim to satisfy the curiosity of this specialist, but is to be an important guideline regarding the further actions in case of stating the irregularities in the appearance and texture of the skin. That is why we encourage openness; and talking about the needs – this will facilitate the beautician’s choice of the optimally suited treatment.

And when you are convinced to the further cooperation with Easy Waxing Warsaw or Easy Waxing Wroclaw thanks to the manicure and pedicure, there will come a time, when even microdermabrasion is no longer scary. nie będzie dla Was niczym strasznym. It’s worth the risk because modern cowgirls like it 🙂


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