5 Bride’s Beauty Secrets

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Every bride has her own beauty to enhance…

This wedding tradition is one of the most strictly adhered to superstition of all times. Some believe in its existence and causative power, while for others such belief is only an old wives’ tale to be taken with a grain of salt. All the same, every wedding guest is more than happy to see newlyweds’ first dance or participate in unveiling and capping ceremony. Summing up in a few words – even if a wedding lasts till the crack of dawn, we should look stunning at each and every photo taken.

How to do this? A recipe on how to keep on bursting with vitality and look like a goddess throughout the whole wedding night is of upmost importance, especially for a bride-to-be. Through trial and error, we have composed a few pieces of advice facilitating for the brides the discovery of this age-old secret.

Bride Beauty Secrets

Face treatments – give your skin a youthful glow

Every bride-to-be should aspire to distinguish herself from others with her supple skin with fair and flawless complexion. Such characteristics are only further enhanced by delicate wedding make-up.

In order to improve skin quality, it is advised to make use of one of non-invasive banquet treatments included in our offer such as oxybrasioncavitation peeling or Neuro Gaba & Nana therapy. Such facials are especially recommended before major social events due to their moisturizing and revitalizing effect on skin. It should be emphasized that such face treatments contribute to lengthening the durability of the make-up on your skin. In order to attain optimal effects, the procedures should be undertaken at least 1 week before the ceremony itself. No matter the similarities between specified pre-wedding facials, each one of them is most suitable for skin with different characteristics – only after having excluded the existence of contraindications to such procedures, the specific type of the treatment is then consecutively chosen according to client’s skin needs.

Wedding treatments

Eyelash lifting and lamination – get into the swing of it

It is time for all to see what it takes to bring a bachelor to his knees. All jokes aside, eyelash lifting and lamination is dedicated to not only those in favour of naturalness, but also those striving for bringing out their penetrating countenance.

The procedure consists of two steps – lifting and lamination. In the first stage, lifted eyelashes are made curlier. Consecutively, a beautician covers each hair with a revitalizing serum that strengthens the hair structure. The treatment is used so as to accentuate the eye by drawing attention to the eyelashes, which seem not only longer but also thicker.

It is best to make lifting and lamination appointment at least a week before the wedding. Naturally, in our estimations we have included a few days’ worth error margin. Nonetheless, it is vital to be aware that for 24 hours following the treatment you should avoid crying, excessive sweating and applying make-up.

Spray tan – showcase the natural beauty of your skin

A great deal of work that comes with wedding planning takes its toll on your skin leaving it not only fair but also uneven. It does not mean that we would like to capture such image on our wedding photos, does it? That is why in your bridal beauty regime you should include a spray tanning appointment. Immediately after the procedure, the skin retains its youthful glow and takes on some colour. We guarantee that the treatment under no circumstances will result in an unnatural look. To tell you the truth, it is the other way around. The colour is chosen taking into consideration not only costumer’s skin tone but also their expectations.

From ours experience, the decision to do spray tan should come with some caution on your part, especially when you are a first-timer. In such cases, 2 or even 3 weeks before the wedding you should come for a trial spray tan. It would enable us to empirically see how your skin reacts to the pigments used. Otherwise, it suffices to undergo a treatment just 2 days before the wedding. After this small window of time, you should have no fear of staining your bridal gown.

Powdered henna with brow architecture – together we will find an ideal shape for your eyebrows

Maintaining a balance is the key to keeping up an immaculate appearance. Pre-wedding over-plucking leads to losing your natural arch shape, which in turn may change your facial expression altogether. Keeping in mind that eyebrows shape should reflect your natural facial features, we urge you to take into consideration brow geometry along with powdered henna.

We can expect similar results to that of permanent make-up with the exception of the procedure itself being as painless as it gets. Undergoing the treatment before the wedding ensures that it would not be possible to observe any eyebrow asymmetry during the ceremony. Moreover, in the long run it is possible to obtain fuller eyebrows due to the fact that nutrients contained in used substances have a boosting effect on hair growth.

What differentiates brow henna from the traditional one is even shading. Of course, our goal is to obtain results corresponding to client’s preferences. So as to ensure the natural look of your eyebrows we do not only mix tints of different colours but we also create an ombre effect. On average, the results of tinting are expected to last from 5 to 14 days on skin and even up to 6 weeks on your hair. A conclusion to be drawn is that at the very least your eyebrows won’t give you sleepless nights during wedding preparations and honeymoon should you consider eyebrow geometry.

Wedding manicure and pedicure – opt for a cherry on top

Wedding preparations and the ceremony itself all come down to this one moment – exchanging rings. For this reason alone, bridal beauty regime should be finished off with a wedding manicure. According to latest trends french manicure is making a comeback amongst bridal nail designs. It easily emphasizes the wearer’s elegance while preserving long-established traditions. For those brides preferring more original take on manicure we can offer an alternative nail design, namely baby boomer. It is perceived as more up to date version of classical french where nude nail bed and white free edge are blended, thus creating a seamless, gradient effect.

Just between us girls – it is also worth giving some thought to the design of your wedding pedicure. Even though it will most probably remain invisible to an average quest’s eye, it still without shadow of a doubt will bring unmeasurable benefits during your wedding night.

It’s the bridal countdown

One way or the other every bride would like to look like a goddess on their wedding day even though only a few have enough time to stick by their beauty regime in usual hustle and bustle. Having followed the aforementioned pieces of advice, your only obligation during the wedding would be to have fun, the rest will be already taken care of. The wedding date is to be considered a deadline of sorts. The clock is ticking, so maybe it is high time to cross off a few steps from your bridal beauty regime, isn’t it?

You can easily verify the availability of given treatments in Easy Waxing studio in Warsaw or Wroclaw by choosing one of the boxes below. Should some concerns arise, do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or email.

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