Summer at-home spa – body care before and after depilation

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In the summer, our skin is particularly susceptible to dryness. This condition is conducive to irritation, also during depilation. So let’s think about how our body care before and after depilation should look like, so that during a warm period you are not afraid that it will lose its firmness, become more susceptible to microdamages and other unpleasant consequences.

For our body to be beautiful also in summer, a lot depends on home care. It must be used both before and after depilation. Below we want to present you what actions should be introduced into your daily routine to enjoy healthy, smooth and moisturized skin, and not to be afraid that any changes will occur after depilation.

home body care before & after depilation.

Activities before depilation:

  • Regular peels – preferably two or three times a week. You do not have to buy expensive peeling substances in drugstores, you can prepare peeling at home. All you need is ground coffee, a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of olive oil. By using such a mixture, you will not only get rid of dead skin, but also (with regular use and proper diet), get rid of cellulite.
  • Embalming the skin – after each bath we should strongly moisturize the body. Here you can also use homemade balms, e.g. coconut oil, lavender oil, Shea butter and olive oil. Recipes for such balms can be found quite a lot on the internet. They are more secure than those bought in the drugstore, because we know what is in them 🙂
  • Remember to regularly come to depilation – it is worth keeping even intervals between visits to our salon. If the hair is too long, wax or sugar paste will not rip it out, but only break and weaken it. Weakened, the hairs may not break through the surface of the body and begin to grow in – and this is a very fast way to inflammation of the hair follicle.

Activities after depilation:

  • For the first two days, remember to use antiseptic creams. The best will be Sudocrem. However, you should know that it cannot be used for more than 72 hours, because it contains zinc, which in the long run can dry the skin. Alantan is an alternative to Sudocrem. A fairly cheap cream that can be purchased at any pharmacy. It has a strong soothing effect and can be used for longer than the antiseptic mentioned earlier.
  • Immediately after depilation, avoid physical exertion and any activities that would increase perspiration. Sweat secretes salt, which irritates freshly depilated skin. Of course – in summer – at high temperatures it is hard not to sweat. However, let’s plan the procedure at a time where we will be able to return home soon after.
  • After hair removal, use antiperspirants rich in moisturizing and soothing ingredients. Such ingredients include: aloe, d-panthenol, allantoin
  • While bathing, try to use antibacterial soaps and gels. You can get them at the pharmacy. Unfortunately, they are not cheap, but if we save on peeling and body lotion, which we make ourselves, then it may be worth investing in a more expensive shower gel 🙂
  • During warm days, remember to apply creams, lotions, mists with a high filter. These substances, in addition to inhibiting the inflow of harmful UV rays, will also take care of moisturizing the skin.
  • Important!!! 72 hours after depilation, do not expose the body to the sun. You may get unpleasant rashes, burns and even inflammation. Remember that the skin, which is softened by the sun and enlarged pores, collects sweat and impurities.

Is body care before and after depilation important?

If you take care of youself in the way we described above, you will not only improve the appearance, but also provide yourself with psychological comfort. We encourage you to do such a home spa a few times a week. We should always take care of our hygiene, but we should put the most of our attention to it in the summer.

We also recommend other body treatments at our salon, such as body shaping Icoone Wrocław and Endermologie Warsaw.

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