Appointment at beauty studio during pandemic is nothing to be scared of

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Safety provided during an appointment at beauty studio

Do you want to do depilation during an appointment at beauty studio, but you are afraid that it might be a risk to your health during a pandemic outbreak? Please read the below text to find out why at Easy Waxing you can feel safe and use all the hair removal methods available without hesitation.

High hygienic standards and the safety of our clients and personnel are our priority. We obliged to them prior to the pandemic, thus we are able to adjust to the new working conditions:

  • Our cosmetologists work in masks, headgear, single-use protective aprons and gloves;
  • We disinfect all flat surfaces after each use, both in service rooms, as well as in the reception area and toilets;
  • we only use single-use materials, which are disposed after each service;
  • tweezers used for epilation are sterilized in high-class autoclave – equipment that is used in all doctor’s offices and hospitals;
  • we epilate using the “One Deep” method – we only dip the spatula once in the wax or the sugar paste, and then we dispose it. The next wax batch we apply using a new, single-use spatula. This method increases the safety of the service, and prevents our wax and sugar paste from getting contaminated;
  • we put an effort to ensure that our clients fill questionnaires regarding their health, disinfect their hands, and use single-use gloves when the treatment does not involve working with hands;
  • arranging treatments prior by booking them and working in small groups eliminates the possibility of a large amount of people in the salons;
  • in the reception desk area there can only be one person and the receptionist, the clients do not interact with each other during appointment at beauty studio;
  • we closely and regularly monitor the Ministry of Health’s statements and apply the guidelines;
  • we are hoping and trying to make sure that despite the sanitary requirements and the difficulties caused by them, our clients feel comfortable during appointment at beauty studio.
Appointment at beauty studio

What can you do as our client to help us provide the most professional service?

  • After arriving to the Easy Waxing salon, please disinfect your hands and fill out the questionnaire about the state of your health (which you can also fill out online, prior to the visit.) The text message confirming your reservation includes a link that will redirect you to the medical examination. Filling it out will only take a couple of minutes.
  • Bring a mask;
  • Try not to use your phone during the treatment – it gathers bacteria very easily;
  • Please do not be mad that we do not serve coffee or tea
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