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Therapeutic Pedicure

Therapeutic Pedicure consists of classic milled pedicure. Additionally, professional Nail Tek products are applied to nourish and strengthen the natural nail plate with their unique nutritional formulas.

The beautician selects the products after nail examination. After having determined the nail condition and nail related problems, one of four nutritional foundations is chosen, type I, II, III, or Xtra. Detailed information about the products and how they work are to be found on Nail Tek page.

Toenails are normally much harder than fingernails, thus it is recommended to use Nail Tek type III in most cases. It is a perfect formulation for hard and fragile nails.

Feel free to use classic nail polishes and paint your nails after the application of nutritional Nail Tek products as they do not cause any discomfort or trouble. When you put on foundation, you can apply two nail varnish layers and coat with the top. Thanks to additional protection, the polish will last long.



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