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The Hybrid Pedicure

pedicure-hybrydowyModern cosmetic products allow you to take care of your feet easily and enjoy their health along with an elegant look the entire year. Thanks to such conveniences, you do not need to worry about wearing full shoes lest they should cause nail varnish chipping. These comforts are allowed by the hybrid pedicure qualities of durability and beauty. The unique formula includes gel and nail polish properties, making the feet prim up to 3 weeks. Shellac and Gelish lacquers are used in giving hybrid pedicure. Although they differ in the range of colours, their qualities are equivalent.


The first step consists of doing the classic pedicure so as to correctly shape the nail plate. Then the nail technician applies primer coat thus preparing the base for polish application. Each layer is being hardened under a UV lamp for about two minutes. As a result, you are enabled to be fully active right after the treatment, what is more, UV light strengthens the durability of the pedicure.

Arranging treatments and pricing

You will find the complete (phone and address) contact information of our nail Studio in the “Contact” tab. Prices are specified in the Price list tab under “City – Pedicure - Hybrid Pedicure”. You may also make an appointment by filling in the contact form - Wroclaw / Warsaw.


You will find the list of our current promotions in the Offers Warsaw and Offers Wroclaw tabs.


We offer a 5-day guaranty on the nail paint. During this time all imperfections are repaired free of charge.


Easy Waxing Studio is equipped with modern autoclave of class B (the highest group for this type of devices). Read more in the "About us - Hygiene in our studio" tab.

Preparing for the hybrid pedicure

It is recommended to take care of feet hygiene prior to the treatment. Except this, no further preparation is required.

After the hybrid pedicure

The nail polish dries immediately and the varnish durability is incomparably prolonged. You can be fully active right after the treatment not worrying about blunting the result by putting on and wearing shoes.

Photo Gallery

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  • ringworm;
  • skin cuts (due to too deep cuticle removal);
  • infections and purulent conditions;
  • allergic reactions.


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