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Liposuction and Thermolifting

LiposukcjaOver the course of time, the skin loses its elasticity, not only due to the age, but also for such reasons as pregnancy, sedentary lifestyle, or even weight fluctuation. However, thanks to contemporary state-of-art technology, the lack of skin’s firmness, or excess fat, as well as cellulite are reversible. Now, it is possible to have a stunning figure by the means of non-invasive liposuction, and thermolifting treatments.


Liposuction is a new RF treatment whose concept it to reduce fat and cellulite as well as to improve skin’s firmness. The technique can fall into the category of cosmetology or even physics as a sophisticated G-Light device is used in the procedure. It generates special electrodes that produce wave pulses, gently warming the tissues and increasing the body temperature by 5-7° C. As a result of the temperature increase, the contents of the fat cells are heated causing the membrane disruption. Finally, the inter-cellular fat deposit release is facilitated and it is eventually sucked out. The farther fat removal is conducted by natural metabolic processes. Not only do the RF waves drain the fat cells, but also decrease their number. Besides, the treatment works in the dermis, stimulating the collagen production. The overall results are spectacular. When compared to traditional liposuction, the skin also tightens and shrinks, not artificially as while undergoing surgical intervention, but naturally according to its metabolic processes. The treatment is entirely safe, painless, does not break the skin and above all, provides long-term effects.

Never before has achieving desired results naturally been as easy as it is at present. Why should you undergo surgical treatment when the solution is at hand at Easy Waxing Studio?

Treatment frequency

Aesthetic results are produced after having undergone a single session. However, if you wish to have excellent effects, give yourself a series of treatments in two-month period for each administration significantly improves the skin condition.

  • reducing shallow nasolabial folds;
  • diminishing eye wrinkles;
  • strengthening skin resistance against the appearance of lines (better tissue nutrition);
  • reducing and minimising the scars;
  • lifting (removing skin flaccidity);
  • improving the cheek strength;
  • tightening the sagging chin;
  • facial contouring.
Price and contact

Detailed information about pricing can be found in the Price list tab under "IPL Treatments - Liposuction and Thermolifting". For phone and address, go to ‘Contact’ tab.

IPL G-Light device

We provide the treatments with IPL G-Light device, which has European Union medical certificates, CE and FDA (U.S. Food & Drag Administration). G-Light technology is not only safe, but also non-invasive, effective and tested clinically. It can be applied to the entire body.

  • implants or the presence of foreign bodies in the area to be treated;
  • epilepsy;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • menstruation;
  • sensory disorders;
  • pacemaker;
  • heart valve;
  • gold threads (two or fewer years after the treatment);
  • liver disorders;
  • visible large varicose veins (providing there are few, the treatment is possible);
  • pregnancy;
  • breast feeding;
  • diabetes;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • HIV infection;
  • hernia;
  • taking aspirin or any anti-inflammatory drugs which affect blood clotting two weeks before the treatment;
  • malignant neoplastic disease (on condition that 5 years since the treatment have passed, or after medical consultation);
  • heart failure (viral or bacterial);
  • inflammation;
  • abrasion;
  • wounds and skin cuts;
  • fever;
  • attenuation;
  • osteoporosis.