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Eyelash and eyebrows treatments: lamination and lifting – Warsaw / Wroclaw


Long-term highlighting of eye beauty and better condition of eyelashes and eyebrows – these are two most important advantages of treatments: lamination and lifting. In Warsaw or Wroclaw, more and more clients use these treatments in Easy Waxing salons. It is extremely important for them that amazing results can be seen immediately after the end of the process: eyelashes are beautifully raised, eyebrows nourished and fuller. They look very natural. In addition, thanks to these treatments, application of mascara is easier and gives a greater effect.

Price list in Warsaw

Eyelash Lifting + Lamination + Tinting + Conditioner
199 zł
185 zł
Eyelash Lifting + Lamination + Tinting
169 zł
155 zł
Eyebrows Lamination + Eyebrows Regulation and Tinting + Conditioner
159 zł
149 zł
Eyebrows Lamination + Eyebrows Regulation and Tinting
129 zł
119 zł
Eyebrows Lamination + Eyebrows Tinting
119 zł
109 zł

Price list in Wroclaw

Eyelash Lifting + Lamination + Tinting + Conditioner
189 zł
175 zł
Eyelash Lifting + Lamination + Tinting
159 zł
145 zł
Eyebrows Lamination + Eyebrows Regulation and Tinting + Conditioner
149 zł
139 zł
Eyebrows Lamination + Eyebrows Regulation and Tinting
119 zł
109 zł
Eyebrows Lamination + Eyebrows Tinting
109 zł
99 zł

What is lamination, lifting, eyelash conditioner in the Easy Waxing salons in Warsaw/Wroclaw?

It is a multi-stage process. In our salons we provide a professional performance of the entire treatment using preparations of the Elleebana company.

What is eyelash lifting?

Lifting means lifting and curling eyelashes. During the procedure, in its first stage, the bonds responsible for the shape of the hair are rebuilt to give a new shape to the eyelashes. This part of the procedure also opens the hair’s husk, thanks to which the nutrients better penetrate deep inside.

In the second stage, the bonds are rebuilt and the given shape is fixed. During lifting, special rollers made of medical silicone are used, which do not sensitize and undergo sterilization process, guaranteeing safety and hygiene of the treatment.

During the treatment we also use glue, which due to the fact that its composition is based mainly on glycerine, very rarely causes sensitization or irritation. The produce is even suitable for very delicate eyes

Eyelash lifting effects – immediately after the treatment you get:

  • great aesthetic result: the eye becomes expressive,
  • the impression of longer eyelashes,
  • eyelashes are even and straight, which is particularly emphasized when applying makeup,
  • the treatment does not weaken the eyelashes, and when combined with lamination, it becomes a strong nourishment for eyelashes.


What is eyelash and eyebrows lamination?

Lamination of eyelashes consists of exact covering of each hair with a serum containing pure keratin, which is a natural building block of hair. Thanks to this, eyelashes become stronger and thicker. It does not only protect, but also provides vitamins and proteins, which makes the eyelashes grow faster. Keratin can also be used alone at home to emphasize the effect of the treatment.

Eyelash / eyebrows lamination effects – they can be seen immediately after the treatment: eyelashes take on a beautiful, healthy and coquettish gloss, they are strong, regenerated, well moisturized and greased. Each hair can be clearly seen – eyelashes are not distorted, but they are arranged in an elegant series.

Important: The length of the hair does not matter, because the laminating preparation reaches even the shortest eyelashes. After lifting and lamination, you can cover your eyelashes with a dye that will give them a beautiful, expressive colour.

Intensive eyelash and eyebrows conditioner in the Easy Waxing salon in Warsaw or in Wroclaw

This is the so-called “turbo-nourishing” of eyelashes. It penetrates the husk of the hair, rebuilds the eyelashes from the inside, strengthens, regenerates and moisturizes. Treatment used regularly thickens eyelashes by up to 20%. The preparation consists of 97.9% natural substances, does not contain parabens, preservatives, silicones or SLS.

The effects on eyelashes:

  • healthy gloss, proper hydration and greasing of eyelashes;
  • silky smoothness;
  • rested and fresh look thanks to the expressive setting of the eyes.

How often can the lamination and lifting be performed?

It is best to perform the treatment in a series, every 6 or 8 weeks, because over time eyelashes fall out, and regrowth have unchanged shape and thickness.

Contraindications for lamination and lifting.

In Warsaw or Wroclaw in Easy Waxing salons we do not recommend eyelash treatments in the following cases:

  • eye irritation or conjunctivitis,
  • allergy to active ingredients,
  • glaucoma,
  • cataracts,
  • stye,
  • eye infection,
  • eye watering,
  • irritation or damage to the skin of the eyelids,
  • eye treatments performed in the last 4 weeks.


Who is lamination and lifting for in the Easy Waxing Warsaw, Wroclaw?

Anyone who is naturally interested in the beautiful and durable setting of the eyes can benefit from these treatments. The treatment is intended for both women and men. We especially recommend it:

  • for straight eyelashes growing down (recommended by ophthalmologists to people with straight or down-growing eyelashes that can lead to various eye conditions)
  • after removing eyelashes,
  • for both long and short eyelashes,
  • for people who value the natural look and solutions,
  • with straight eyelashes before extension (7 days before the procedure).



On the day of the procedure, please do not put on contact lenses.

What do you need to remember about after the treatment?

After the lifting, do not soak lashes for 24 hours (you cannot go to the swimming pool, sauna, but you should also be careful when cooking or drinking hot drinks). After this time, eyelashes do not require special treatment except combing them and applying keratin. They can be covered with mascara, remove makeup or soak.