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Eyelash Extensions 1:1

przedluzanie-rzesLet your imagination run free... Beautiful, long, curled eyelashes... Seductive, magnetic look... Impossible? Now, thanks to 1:1 eyelash lengthening treatment at Easy Waxing, your dream will come true.

The Perfect Silk Lashes solution is a procedure that involves one to one lengthening and thickening of eyelashes. The method involves a beautician integrating an "artificial" eyelash made of silk protein with our own eyelash with the use of a binding preparation. The silk protein used in the Perfect Silk Lashes solution is characterised by properties close to natural hair. Therefore, it is recommended for use while lengthening and thickening eyelashes. This allows for obtaining of an optimal and unmatched effect, other than in the case of synthetic products offered by most producers. It is worth emphasising that the one to one method is completely safe as a stuck eyelash falls out together with the natural one when its life is over.

The Easy Waxing Studio is an authorised salon of Perfect Silk Lashes. Photos of our work are presented in the "Eyelash Lengthening" album on our (Easy Waxing) Facebook profile. You are also invited to our salon to see the "life" effects.

Prices and appointments for treatment:

You will find more details in "Price list – City – Other treatments - Eyelash extensions" tab. In the "Contact" tab you will find our telephone number and address. You may also make an appointment by filling in the contact form - Wroclaw / Warsaw.

Preparation for treatment:

  • do not apply any mascara;
  • do not curl eyelashes;
  • make-up can be removed in the salon.


  • refilling of eyelashes can be performed every 4 weeks.
Are eyelash lengthening products safe?

Yes, products used for eyelash lengthening are of natural origin (silk proteins). They are patented and have a permission to be used by authorised institutions.

Is there any danger of allergy after lengthening or perm?

The products for eyelash lengthening and eyelash perm never have any contact with skin so there is no possibility of allergic reaction because of using one of the above mentioned treatments.

How long do the lengthened eyelashes last?

The Perfect Silk Lashes, after their integration with our own eyelashes, never come unstuck themselves. They may be removed with a special preparation by a certified specialist. Therefore, the eyelashes would never fall out if it was not for the exchange cycle of our own ones that lasts for about 90 days. The eyelashes are regularly "exchanged" by our organism. As a result, eyelashes last for up to three months. An important fact is refilling every 4 weeks.

Do I have to be careful about my new eyelashes?

No. New eyelashes should not cause any changes in your everyday life. They are resistant to the influence of water, sun, tears, washing substances, caring preparations, etc.

Can I use mascara after the application of eyelashes?

Definitely, there are no contraindications, although, after thickening/lengthening, it should not be necessary.

Can the eyelashes be removed at any time?

Yes, but only in the salon where they were applied.

Is it possible to use a sauna and a swimming pool?

Yes, there are no contraindications to this.

  • allergies connected with extensive eye secretion;
  • each eye illness, e.g. conjunctivitis, eye reddening;
  • bacterial or mycotic inflammation within the eye;
  • cancer;
  • hair loss;
  • eye injuries.

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