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Eyelash Tufts - Express Eyelash Lengthening

kepki-rzesExpress lengthening of eyelashes with the Perfect Silk Lashes method is a perfect solution for a holiday, a New Year Eve party, a wedding, a carnival party, a ball before school leaving exams or any other grand outing. Natural silk eyelash tufts will give your eyes a beautiful, seductive look. The tufts come in 3 different lengths so we are always able to choose something suitable for the type of party or the preferences of our customer.


Application of Perfect Silk Lashes tufts lasts for 30-40 minutes. It is much cheaper than 1:1 eyelash lengthening. The eyelash tufts can be stuck in two different ways - to an eyelid or to eyelashes. In case of application onto the eyelid, the tufts last until make-up removal. The advantage of such a solution is more pleasant application and a possibility of independent removal of the tufts. It is a perfect solution for one outing - a ball, a wedding or a party. In the second case, i.e. sticking of eyelash tufts to eyelashes, we use the same glue as for 1:1 lengthening. Application is completely safe, but unfortunately a bit less pleasant as the eye remains open during sticking. In case of such an application, tufts that are well cared for (eyes should not be rubbed extensively, crushed, placed under streams of water) last for over a week. This is a perfect solution in case of a holiday or a weekend trip when we want to enjoy beautiful eyelashes for longer than one day.

Prices and appointments for treatment:

You will find more details in "Price list – City – Other treatments - Eyelash extensions" tab. In the "Contact" tab you will find our telephone number and address. You may also make an appointment by filling in the contact form - Wroclaw / Warsaw.


  • Application onto eyelids - the tufts last until make-up removal. There is no risk of the eyelashes falling out or coming unstuck during a party, a ball or a wedding. You only have to be careful not to wet them extensively or not to apply any greasy substances.
  • Application onto eyelashes - the tufts last for over a week. You should avoid mechanical damage of tufts by rubbing, crushing, rinsing in an intensive stream of water. Make-up should be removed delicately without using greasy preparations. Limiting the contact of tufts with water, we extend their durability.

Removal of eyelash tufts

  • The tufts stuck to the eyelid may be removed independently with water or make-up removal preparation.
  • The tufts stuck to eyelashes may only be removed in the salon with the use of a special preparation.


  • eye inflammation;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • allergy to eyebright.

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