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Therapeutic Nail Tek Manicure

manicure-terapeutycznyIt is a biological manicure which intensively nourishes and strengthens natural nail plate by applying professional Nail Tek cosmetics. The products are chosen wisely, given the types of nails and nail related problems. There are:

  • Nail Tek I – the formulation protects nails, keeps them beautiful, healthy, and strong. It can be used daily without any restriction either for healthy nails or after having finished Nail Tek therapy type II or III
  • Nail Tek II – If you experience problems with split ends, weak and thin nails, this product is ideal for you. The unique protein formulation regenerates, thickens, and seals the layers of the nails. The therapy not only improves, but also reinforces the nails while promoting their strength and flexibility. The treatment can last 3 to 6 months, afterwards, you may move on to Nail Tek I cosmetics.
  • Nail Tek III – The product is perfect for hard and brittle nails. By daily application, the nails soften, increase flexibility and regain a healthy balance thus becoming resistant to stress and breaking.
  • Nail Tek Xtra – It is the most intensive treatment of all aforementioned. The formulation strengthens severely weakened and damaged nails, even when recovery seems to be impossible. It is recommended to use the treatment only for some weeks as it is highly concentrated formulation. After the treatment you should change the conditioner to Nail Tek II. Do not apply shortly after having the fake nails taken off for the nail plate might be too sensitive to such highly concentrated product.

For more information about Nail Tek products, how they work and how to use, visit Nail Tek website.



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